The Beauty and Benefits of Handcrafted Urns

by Kristal Borjas September 25, 2020 4 min read

Although cremation urns serve as the home for the ashes of our loved one, they also become a part of the home - proud and on display. The cremation urns we choose will sit in our homes for what seems a lifetime, filling the space and reminding us of those we've lost. 

Hand Engraved Cremation urns for ashes

This is why many families elect to invest in quality, handcrafted urns for a loved one’s ashes. As outsiders in the industry, it can be hard to truly comprehend just what goes into the process of creating these handmade urns for ashes. To better understand the value of what you find, it can help to understand four key areas that address just what goes into each cremation urn, and what you’re receiving when you choose one.  

Uniqueness and Individuality

Every urn has been individually sculpted and prepared, meaning no one else in the world will have the exact same urn for the ashes of their loved one. No two handmade urns are absolutely identical, even when designed by the same expert craftsman. This is the biggest appeal of handcrafted items; from jewelry, to clothing, and even to cremation urns. Choosing a handcrafted urn truly means this piece is unique to you and your family. 

Cold, hard machinery creates uniform and standardized pieces, losing that special and personal human touch. Each handmade cremation urns for sale has been carefully shaped, carved and engraved to create one-of-a-kind urns for ashes. Part of the beauty in this process are the minor details that remain as an indication to the subtleties of hand. The depth of a carving blade or the variances in paint strokes all reveal the delicate touch of the skilled craftsmen who completed this work by hand. This handmade urn is yours and yours alone, with a sense of individuality that parallels our individual characters. 

Skilled Craftsmanship

Handcrafted urns can take quite some time to complete as they are skillfully crafted by the talented hands of artisan designers. Some of these veteran craftsmen have over three decades of experience - these 30 years of hard earned skill are conveyed in each artful curve of the engraving blade, each finger stroke of paint, and each delicately hammered piece of metal. These urns are not a creation that can be accomplished by just anyone, they require true precision, training, and development.

Everything from learning to apply just the right amount of pressure so as to carve without puncturing, to detailing the finest striations by hand, necessitate extensive experience to achieve and even more experience to master. As each of these skills is fine-tuned to near perfection, these experts are able to develop pieces by hand that truly can’t be found elsewhere. A machine might be able to spout out identical, uniform urns with speed, but the sheer amount of training and sculptural education which goes into making these urns, makes them all the more priceless. Many people find it comforting to know their loved one’s final resting place was made by a human hand rather than a simple machine. 

Cremation Urns for Ashes

Patience and Dedication

True patience and dedication sits behind the many layers and details of each urn. It’s not a speedy process with immediate reward, but rather, a drawn out process requiring a true appreciation for the final product. The ability to carve out fine lines and delicate markings, to evenly apply enamel or gold inlay, are reliant upon a dedicated mind willing to take the time. When it comes to handmade cremation urns, there is no reward in rushing.

Take for example, the LoveUrns Black and Gold Cremation Urn. The process of shaping the body, engraving each detail, placing the gold inlay, and applying a hand-painted protective coating, means this piece alone can take up to eight hours of work to complete. It is an artform, and one that each creator takes incredible pride in. That pride is conveyed into each of their handmade urns, making it a stunning piece to display in your own home. 

High Quality Materials

To create a stunning work, any artist needs an ideal canvas for their masterpiece. The very structural integrity of the urn is contingent on the materials the urn is made with. The raw materials used in an urn’s creation heavily influence the final design, finish, and shape. Common materials used in urns are metal, wood, marble/stone, and biodegradable paper.  

Because of the reliability upon the material to create a finished product, cremation urns for ashes vary in cost. This comes back to the raw materials used in manufacturing - the cheaper an urn is, the cheaper the raw materials used to construct it.

How much one is willing to put into an urn directly impacts the quality of the urn received, as the expenses are shared among the cost of skilled artists as well as the cost of the raw materials themselves. As with almost any product you can buy, the time these cremation urns for ashes take to complete are often reflected in the price of the urns made by hand, as the cost should respect both the time put into the piece and the skill required of the artisan to create it. Rather than a machine quickly carving out cremation urns at a mile a minute, we pay each artisan for their time, patience, and dedication as they spend hours working on various urns for the ashes of loved ones. 

Remembering a Loved One with a Handcrafted Cremation Urn

It is time to consider a cremation urn as a work of art to display in your home, rather than simply a dark or somber reminder. Make this reminder a beautiful, long lasting urn made with the love and care only a human touch can give. Choosing a luxurious, high quality, and handcrafted cremation urn is a wonderful way to commemorate the memory of your lost loved one. by serving as their final resting place. Take a look at the vast selection of handcrafted urns available on GetUrns.

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