Adult Soul Bird Male Cremation Urn

  • Capacity 235 cu. Inches
    Dimensions 10.24"L 7.28"W 8.46"H
    Material Brass
    Opening Threaded Screw on bottom
    Size Standard Adult Urn
    What's Included Velvet Bag
  • The Adult SoulBird Male strongly evokes emotions of spirituality and the soul, as suggested by it’s name. The urn takes on the form of a graceful, curved bird, which often symbolizes the departure of a soul from this world into the next.

    Birds are a wonderful reminder of the flight into heaven, and the freedom of a soul departed. Crafted from brass, the SoulBird urn has a dual monotone finish, with rich ebony finish on some parts that are complemented by silver tones in others. The difference in texture and color provide details to the bird’s shape, revealing wings and a face.

    To further add texture to the piece, the silver parts have been hammered by hand to give delicate design elements. Lastly, with a downward pointed tail, the Adult SoulBird is an exquisite and non-traditional way to remember a loved one.

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