Keepsake Soul Bird Male Cremation Urn

  • Capacity 4 cu. Inches
    Dimensions 2.95"L 1.81"W 2.36"H
    Material Brass
    Opening Threaded Screw on bottom
    Size Keepsake Urn
    What's Included Velvet Bag
  • The Keepsake SoulBird Male is a small keepsake-sized cremation urn that is stylized to appear as a seated bird, with a distinct shape and outline. It is creatively constructed from brass into a rounded bird figure with a pointed beak and tail, which points downward.

    The bird has two different surfaces, which help to further distinguish its figure. The sleek and polished outer edges of the body are coated in an ebony veneer that is smooth to the touch. The other part of the head and body are accented with hammered nickel patches, bringing in touches of brightness to amplify the darkness of the body.

    Birds are often emblematic of freedom, as we associated their flight with a free spirit ascending into the sky, which means it’s visage can be an excellent reminder of your loved one’s departure from earth. 

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