Top 5 Pet Cremation Urns and Pendants

Losing a beloved animal companion is quite possibly one of the hardest things a person can experience. We don’t have our pets for nearly as long as we’d like, but still we grow to love and cherish them unconditionally. Losing them is absolutely devastating; we’re left knowing our time with them is truly over. But their memory doesn’t have to be forgotten or left behind once they pass away; if cremation is chosen, there are a myriad of options for commemorating our pets and keeping them close to us forever. GetUrns offers countlesspet urn options that allow the opportunity to pay tribute, as well as beautifulpet cremation jewelry to keep them close with you wherever you go. Here are the top five pet cremation urns and top 5 cremation jewelry pieces that people love!


Pet Cremation Urns

Cremation for pets has become quite common now; but often, people are left at a loss as to which urn to pick for their dearest. There are so many choices, so many varieties that it can be overwhelming. Take a look at these 5 pet cremation urns to help you get started.

  1. Rainbow Bridge Pet Cremation Urn

    A visual representation of the rainbow bridge our furry/fuzzy babies inevitably had to cross; this pet urn is an absolute must for those who want to memorialize their pet’s journey through life. A path of silver paw prints walk across the curve of the rainbow, offsetting the brilliant colors that express the pure joy and love your darling brought into your life. The Rainbow Bridge Pet Cremation Urn comes in two sizes: small (40 cu inches) and large (60 cu inches), meant to hold a varied size so you can have the perfect fit for your beloved pet.


  2. LoveDrop Pearl Pet Cremation Urn

    Stylized to represent the first teardrop we shed for our lost sweethearts, the LoveDrop Pet Urn can be used interchangeably as a cat urn or dog urn. Paw prints circle the bottom portion of the urn to underline the personalized text engraving you can choose to add. The beautifully scaled pearlescent finish adds an interesting texture and elevates the aesthetic into something more refined. The LoveDrop comes in three different finishes: Midnight, Bronze, and Pearl - all at 60 cu inches and standing at 6" tall.


  3. Embrace Walking Paws Pet Cremation Urn

    For those looking for a more traditional urn, the Embrace Walking Paws Pet Cremation Urn is a beautiful and mature rendering of a classic urn design with modern motifs. This urn is suitable as a cat urn or dog urn with its path of paw prints; signifying their walk across the rainbow bridge to wait for their human. The Embrace Walking Paws can also be made unique with custom text engraving and by choosing from the wide range of different colors available. Make sure to speak with a GetUrns customer service representative if you are in need of different sizing or if you’d like a custom design on any Embrace urn.

  4. Princess Cat Pet Cremation Urn

    Lay your sweet kitty to rest in the cute and elegant Princess Cat Pet Urn for ashes. The ideal cat urn for your precious fur baby; her sassy and sweet personality shines through with the tilt of her head and curl of her tail. Don’t forget the shining swarovski crystal inlaid into the Princess’ silver collar to represent her luxurious lifestyle and tastes. The Princess Cat Urn for Ashes comes in three finishes: Midnight, Bronze, and White - all at 42 cu inches for even the “fluffier” of cats out there.

  5. Bronze Cuddle Pet Urn

    Elegant but simple, the Bronze Cuddle Pet Urn serves as the perfect warm and welcoming resting spot for your dearest. Alternating gold and silver paw prints trail upwards along the side of the urn, even appearing on the lid; paying homage to the mischievous nature of your beloved pet. The Bronze Cuddle Pet Urn comes in three sizes: small (30 cu inches), medium (45 cu inches), and large (80 cu inches).


Pet Cremation Jewelry

Although urns are the most common method for storing ashes, pet cremation jewelry allows you to carry your pet with you anywhere you go. Keeping them close by allows you to find comfort even in the face of their absence. Here are the top 5 choices for pet cremation jewelry our customers love.

  1. Sterling Silver Princess Cat Cremation Pendant

    If you liked the Princess Cat Urn, you’ll love the corresponding Princess Cat Pendant. It’s a near exact replica of the urn, just miniaturized into a pendant so you can carry a bit of your love right next to your heart. The best thing is, cat cremation jewelry has the ability to carry more than just ashes; you can place a whisker or bit of fur from your beloved cat instead. The Princess Cat Pendant comes in the same three finishes as the urn: Midnight, Bronze, Pearl.

    Sterling Silver Princess Cat Cremation Pendant

  2. Paw Pendant Cremation Jewelry

    With a subtle but classy look, the paw pendant is an elegantly designed piece - a wearable memorial of your sweetheart. Made of Gold Vermeil or Sterling Silver; this pendant is incredibly high quality and is crafted to last. It’s design also allows you to proudly wear this necklace without being obvious to its purpose, helping you to find comfort with your pet but still have privacy in its contents.

  3. Sterling Silver Feather Pendant Cremation Jewelry

    For those who are grieving a feathered friend, what better way to memorialize them than with the Sterling Silver Feather Pendant? This pendant is delicately crafted out of durable sterling silver; a perfect representation of your bird’s sweet nature but hardy disposition. Place a few strands of their feathers or a portion of their ashes inside to commemorate the life they lived with you.

  4. Sterling Silver Dog Bone Pendant Cremation Jewelry

    Dog lovers can treasure the memory of their precious puppy in the form of the Sterling Silver Dog Cremation Pendant. Simple but still dynamic, this pendant is ideal for those looking for a classy way of showing their love and honoring their pooch. A small portion of ashes or a bit of fur can be placed inside the pendant for a cute and subtle memorial of your pup.

  5. Sterling Silver Leaning Heart with Paw Prints Cremation Pendant

    Tiny pawprints walk along the surface of this heart to symbolize the impact your pet had on your life. We mourn our animals but we had them enough to love them with our whole heart. The Sterling Silver Leaning Heart with Paw Prints Cremation Pendant fits a pinch of ashes or bit of fur or whiskers so you can keep your love close to your heart wherever you go.

    Sterling Silver Leaning Heart with Paw Prints Cremation Pendant


Pets take the form of many many different animals, not just cats and dogs. We’ve had bird and hamster friends, ferrets, gerbils, and other kinds of critters housed in one of our many pet cremation urns and pet cremation jewelry available. There’s no barrier for people’s affinity for connection across species - our love knows no bounds and we are able to bond with virtually any creature that crosses our path. Treasure the memory of your animal companions and keep them close to you forever.

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