Adult Amalfi Fiore Cremation Urn

  • Capacity 274 cu. Inches
    Outside Dimensions 12.2"L x 5.9" W x 5.9" H
    Material Wood
    Opening Bottom plate secured by screws
    Size Adult Urns
    What's Included Adult Cremation Urn
  • The Fiore cremation urn is part of the Amalfi Collection Cremation Urns, a series of urns that are hand-crafted from wood and exquisitely decorated using the art of inlay and time-grown techniques. Fiore is inspired by fresh-cut flowers and spring gardens. The pattern is fresh and celebratory, conveying simple organic beauty found in nature, and creating an elegant remembrance of your loved one from season to season.

     The Fiore is crafted from bright, light wood and shaped into a rectangular box. Each surface side of the cremation urn for ashes features sprawling vines in a yellow shade, with bursts of color in the form of small blossoming flowers in various shades of red, purple, and pink. 

     The décor is a significant part of the symbolism behind this cremation urn. Swelling from tender bud to full bloom, flowers are associated with the continuous cycle of life and death. They’re bright yet delicate and beautiful, and their colors can inspire a range of emotions. They can be a powerful reminder of the fleeting nature of life and that as flowers wilt and pass on, new life begins again. Fiore features flowers that share close resemblance to the tulip flower, which are universally symbolic of love and pure devotion.

     The vibrant colors of the flowers are reminiscent of the spring and decorate the urn in significant meaning. The bright crimson red is a color that widely symbolizes love, passion, and courage. The intense shade of violet purple is a color that represents creativity, transformation, mystery, and magic. The shade of pink, while subtle, brings eminent warmth and symbolizes sweetness, romance, innocence, and comfort. 

     The unique and exquisite inlay design of the Fiore cremation urn is created through a process called marquetry. This is an inlay technique is created by the skilled and masterful hands of artisanal designers in Italy. The technique is passed through generations that takes years, if not decades, to master. A single inlaid Fiore cremation urn from the Amalfi Collection takes several days to complete. 

     Each inlaid piece is made with the same precise attention to detail as a work of art, using the finest materials available to ensure its superior quality. The inlay design is created by hand-cutting and assembling thin pieces of wood and applying them to the surface to create a pattern. It's a complex and intricate process, with each phase building upon the last. The brilliant shiny surface is achieved through a labor-intensive lacquering process that involves applying a minimum of five layers of liquid varnish and sanding between each coat. The finish enhances the beauty of the piece, ensuring it becomes a timeless family heirloom.

     The combination of floral designs and the intricate nature of a piece constructed by hand make the Fiore a worthy cremation urn to permanently memorialize a loved one. 

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