Keepsake Harmony Wings Cremation Urn for Ashes - Oily Green Melange

  • Capacity 13 cu. Inches
    Dimensions 7.4"H x 2.1"W x 3.7”L
    Material Ceramic
    Opening Bottom Filled
    Size Keepsake Urns
    What's Included Care Card
  • The smaller Wings keepsake hosts the ashes of your loved one in the endless love and protection symbolized by angel’s wings. Whether you want a keepsake to accompany a larger Pulvis urn, or to share cremation ashes with others, these ceramics are a work of art that can serve as a subtle memorial to those who have meant so much.

    This ceramic keepsake comes in a deep green tone, representing healing, peace, and rebirth, while the melange pattern highlights the nuanced, yet beautiful journey of life, a meaningful memorial for your loved one after cremation.



    Bottom filled/ No bag needed

    Suitable for outdoors and home

    Material: Ceramic

    height 19 cm | 7.4 in
    width 5.5 cm | 2.1 in
    length 9.5 cm | 3.7 in
    capacity 0.22 L | 13 cu in
    weight 0.4 kg | 0.88 lbs.

    This keepsake urn is suitable for only a small part of the ashes.


    This keepsake urn does not require sealing as the cap fits very tightly to the urn. Sealing with glue is optional.


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