7 Unique Memorial Ideas for Your Loved Ones

by Alex Johnson August 18, 2020 4 min read

Losing a loved one can arguably be one of the most harrowing experiences that most of us might have to go through in our lives. It is natural to undergo extreme psychological shock and experience grief for months. In most cultures, it is advisable to restrain from participating in social events for about a year after the loss of a family member to take the time needed to process the grief in a healthy manner.

Coping with such emotional turmoil can take a toll on the grieving person both mentally and physically. The human brain has an innate tendency to hold on to happier memories rather than the ones that cause you to feel downhearted. In due time the soul heals itself and we learn to live with the loss and cherish the delightful memories we share with the ones we lost.

Although you may have lost the tangible connection with the deceased person, you can always hold their memories close to your heart and keep their presence alive. You may find yourself looking for the best ways to honor their memories so we say look no further!

Geturns has compiled 7 unique memorial ideas for your loved ones for you to honor them with tons of love and respect. Let us go through these ideas one by one.

1. Cremation urns: Cremation urns offer a unique way to commemorate the deceased person and keep their memories close to your heart. These urns are decorative containers used to hold cremation ashes and provide a resting place for your loved ones. Cremation urns are available in different sizes, styles and are made out of various materials like brass, ceramic, stainless steel etc.

If you wish to share cremation ashes of a deceased among several family members, then buying keepsake cremation urns is a great option. These sharing urns generally come in a set of 4 or 6 urns and vary in sizes from 10 to 50 cubic inches. Every member of the family can keep a small portion of cremation remains with them to remember the lost soul. Pet cremation urns are also available to pay meaningful tribute to your precious and endearing pet.

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2. Cremation Jewelry (LoveUrns Treasure jewelry) - LoveUrns Treasure jewelry, generally made from solid materials, is something you can hold in your hands and feel the tangible comfort of your loved ones. There is a small compartment inside this jewelry hold ashes or a lock of hair of your loved ones. With proper care, a piece of LoveUrns Treasure jewelry will last a lifetime and can serve as an heirloom for future generations.

You can find a wide collection of LoveUrns Treasure jewelry in the form of earrings, rings, bracelets, pendants, and more. These urns are not only perfectly finished but are beautifully designed to enhance their appearance and durability. Geturns is the perfect online store to buy exclusive handmade jewelry made of high quality materials.

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3. Donate to a charity - Did the deceased person make constant donations to a charity? If so, contributing to the same charity every year on their death anniversary is a dignified way of honoring them. If your loved one lost his or her life after battling with cancer, then the best way to honor them is to donate some money in the name of the deceased to a cancer institute. If he or she was a teacher, then give small scholarships for students.

Pay a heartfelt and meaningful tribute to your loved one by making donations through https://www.globalgiving.org/gifts/inhonor/

4. Have a Memorial Bench at a park - Do you remember any garden or park in your area that could have been the favorite relaxation place of your loved one? If so, then you can speak to the community authorities and have a memorial bench dedicated in the name of the deceased person. You can also include the name of the deceased on the bench with a memorable quote. This is the best way of remembering and honoring your loved one especially if the deceased was your grandmother or grandfather. Also, all the family members can make an effort of visiting the memorial bench to celebrate the death anniversary of the lost soul.

Visit https://www.theparkcatalog.com/memorial-benches for purchasing a memorial bench in the honor of your loved one.

5. Publish a book - If you wish to pay an ever-lasting tribute to the lost soul, then consider publishing a book in their name. The book may include some of your loved one’s favorite meals, movies, songs, poems, etc. You may also include some of their lifetime achievements, paintings, family photos, or any interesting stories they often shared with you. A tribute memory book can also be considered a legacy heirloom that can be passed on to generations.

Looking forward to self-publishing a book in the memory of your loved one? Visit https://selfpublishingrelief.com

6. Memorial webpage - Today’s generation loves posting photos and messages of their lost loved ones on the internet. This is a trending way of remembering the lost soul. You can also have a personalized memorial webpage for your loved ones and ask your friends and families to share photos or messages on this webpage. This is also a great way to keep your friends and families connected together.

For creating a web memorial webpage, visit https://www.forevermissed.com

7. Name a star - Are you a religious person and believe that when a person dies he goes to heaven? If yes, then consider naming a star after your loved one. Knowing that your loved one in the sky can still look out for you surely gives peace and comfort. Just make sure to research about star naming and registering companies for more details.

Death is inevitable, but that does not mean the end of everything. You can keep the memories of your loved ones alive even after they are gone, through these eight unique memorial ideas. These ideas may not lessen your pain, but they will always help you remember your loved ones and give you strength in difficult times.

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