7 Ways to Take Care of Yourself While Grieving

When someone you love passes away, it can feel like your whole world is crumbling. Your loss is different from anyone else’s because you have your own way of grieving and healing, but that doesn’t mean that you need to suffer alone, or you can’t take care of yourself in the process. GetUrns lists seven ways to take care of yourself while grieving as you begin the healing process.


1. Eat Nutritiously

Eat Nutritiously


To grieve effectively, you need to give your body ample nutrition and rest. No matter how much you may want junk food or comfort foods, it’s critical that you avoid them as much as possible — at least for a few weeks or so. Eat plenty of lean protein, leafy greens, fruits, and vegetables.


2. Take a Trip

Take a Trip


Travel is a great way to recharge your batteries, but it’s also a lot of fun. Traveling allows you to explore new places, meet new people, and eat tasty food. Whether you’re looking for a weekend getaway or you want to take a trip overseas, remember that travel doesn’t have to be expensive. Try searching online for tips about how to travel on a budget.

When preparing for your trip, put together all the documents you’ll need as a PDF. You can also edit the PDF after the fact with an online tool. This way, you can add notes and reminders to relevant parts, ensuring that everything important you need for your trip is close at hand.


3. Get Sufficient Sleep

Sufficient Sleep


Sleep is one of your most effective healing tools. If you’re not getting enough, you’re putting yourself at risk for a host of issues. Your body needs sleep to rest and rejuvenate cells.

SleepScore Labs notes that sleep also helps regulate hormones and manage stress. If you don’t get enough sleep, you may feel more stressed and depressed.


4. Exercise



When grieving, you may be tempted to let your exercise routine go. Exercise may not be your first priority in dealing with grief, but it's an important one. Cycling Weekly points out that a simple bike ride every day can help you feel calmer and less stressed.

5. Spend Time With Loved Ones

Spend Time With Loved Ones


Reaching out and connecting with others can be comforting and healing. When grieving, it’s vital to make time for old friends and family members. If you live far away from your loved ones, try making a trip so you can see them in person instead of communicating over the phone or via email. The personal touch is incredibly healing during times like these.


6. Light and Release a Sky Lantern

Light and Release a Sky Lantern


Accepting and letting go of the pain is a big part of grieving. One way of letting go is with a Chinese sky lantern, which involves a symbolic release of your loved one's spirit. Light a Chinese sky lantern on a clear night when there's little wind and allow it to rise into the sky where it eventually floats away.

Another way to let go and, in fact, memorialize your lost loved one is with a cremation urn or even jewelry. It’s a wonderful way to keep their memory alive and near you. Reach out to GetUrns today to discover their high-quality product lines.


 7. Avoid Burnout

Avoid Burnout


Know when you're doing too much and how to combat burnout. Set time in your schedule to wind down and do nothing, establish boundaries, and ensure you put yourself first. Give yourself regular rest breaks from work and acknowledge your feelings without beating yourself up about them.


Take Care

Though grieving is difficult, taking care of yourself is essential. If you need help coping with your loss, reach out to loved ones.

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