Choosing Right Cremation Urns for Babies & Infants

by Taylor Evans May 13, 2022 4 min read

Parents and guardians never want to choose cremation urns for babies or infants, but it’s a sad reality for many parents. Unfortunately, nothing can prepare you for the loss of a child, choosing medium cremation urns or the grief that follows.

Dealing with the Immeasurable Grief
of Losing a Baby or Infant

Anger, sadness and confusion are all part of the guilt people feel when they lose a baby. You may be filled with emotion and confused or angry at your partner for not expressing their feelings in a similar way.

It's easy to become sad, depressed, shout, cry, scream or even blame others for the death of the child.

Losing a baby or an infant will always be a painful moment. However, as time goes on, you can learn to “move on” as best you can. Of course, you'll never forget the loss, but you can find ways to heal and return back to your old self, or as close as you can.

A few people that you can turn to during this devastating time in your life, include:

  • Grief counselor, who is trained to help people deal with their grief in healthier ways.
  • Social workers can help you in many ways, such as dealing with grief and even how to pay for the child’s funeral.
  • Spiritual leaders also offer solace and a better understanding of loss.

You can also try to follow these few tips to deal with your grief:

  • Try and find ways to be active every day
  • Stick to a strict sleep schedule
  • Talk to someone about your grief
  • Try and return to a regular schedule
  • Find support in your network of friends

Dwelling on the loss and pain it brings is not good for your health and well-being.

If you find yourself deep in despair and guilt, you may want to consider joining a support group. Support groups include people who have been through something similar and can relate to the loss that you’re experiencing.

Finally, it may help to say your final goodbyes to your loved one in a meaningful way.  Cremation is an option to consider, and you may want to consider keepsake cremation urns to keep part of the little soul with you.

These urns are growing in popularity and are an excellent way to hold on to a child just a little longer.

Choosing Cremations Urns to Honor Your Baby

First and foremost, you need to make sure that the urn for an infant or baby is a medium urn or infant-specific option. You don’t need a large, adult-sized urn. You'll have numerous options to choose from, including:

Additionally, you can engrave and personalize urns, too. We offer laser engravings that allow you to add your child’s name, dates, sayings or other information if you wish. If you don’t know what engravings to add, discuss your options with your loved ones.

Keepsake urns or tealight urns are another option that many parents choose.

Both keepsake and tealight urns allow you to keep a portion of the beloved's ashes with you, and this is a good option if you want to scatter ashes. You may also want to consider cremation jewelry, which allows you to hold a small amount of ashes in a jewelry piece, such as a bracelet or a pendant.

Need help finding a keepsake or tealight? We're more than happy to answer any questions you have during the selection process.

Selection of Beautiful Cremation Urns to Choose Among

We offer a wide range of urn options from heart urns to butterflies, wooden urns for ashes and so much more. We recommend that you look through our selection of cremation urns to find something that you like.

But a few of the urns that we highly recommend are:

Bear Cremation Urns

CuddleBear urns come in a classic blue or pink option, and they’re in the shape of a teddy bear. You can also choose our option that comes with a silver cremation bracelet bead to carry a piece of your loved one with you wherever you go.

When you order this bear, we offer laser engravings to put the child’s:

  • Name
  • Birth and death date
  • Other

Each medium urn comes with a velvet box and allows for filling from the bottom of the bear. A threaded screw on the bottom is discreet and allows you to scatter your loved one’s ashes easily.

LoveHeart Cremation Urns

Our LoveHeart collection offers a stunning, heart urn with engraving options and a threaded screw on the bottom to make filling and emptying ashes easy. These urns also feature a smaller, elegant heart on the top left of the urn to symbolize both of your hearts.

The urn is made from strong, alloy material and comes with a velvet bag, too.

Hummingbird Cremation Urns

Our Hummingbird urns are elegant, affordable options that come in a wide variety of colors and feature a large, engraved hummingbird on the front of the urn. In addition, you can add in your child’s name and dates to honor their memory.

Unlike other models on this list, this one is made from aluminum and features a top-screw on lid to hold your child’s remains.

Butterfly Urns

Butterly urns come in a wide range of color options and are shaped like butterfly wings. These urns hold 22 cu. inches of ashes, thread from the bottom and also come with a velvet bag. As with the rest of the models on this list, we offer beautiful, laser engraving options.

Final Thoughts

Grief and the loss of a child or infant are almost impossible to describe. But, unfortunately, you have a lot of arrangements to make, from deciding on a funeral to calling friends and loved ones to share the bad news.

You'll also need to consider whether you want to have a burial or a cremation for your child.

Choosing an urn for a baby or infant is something that no parent should ever have to do. However, if you do have to go through this painstaking process, we hope that the guide above makes it even just a fraction easier for you.

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