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Cremation Jewelry

For many people, the holidays are a time of bittersweet remembrances of those lost, whether recently or further in the past. Certain traditions might evoke realizations of who is no longer there to partake in the festivities; perhaps this holiday family gathering is the first one without mom to decorate the tree, or dad to light the fire, or grandma to bake her traditional pumpkin pie. The first holiday season after the passing of a loved one really reminds us what, or more specifically who, is missing from the table.  Many people admit the holidays are often the hardest part to get through when it comes to loss.  What often helps make these holidays easier to get through and remember how to make them enjoyable, is finding ways to remember our loved ones and keep them in mind during these busy, special days.  It’s not about moving on from our beloved, but about moving forward in remembrance.


This is where our one-of-a-kind cremation jewelry can really provide that special support. Our cremation jewelry is a special line of jewelry that is designed to be filled with bit of your loved one’s ashes, or a special lock of their hair, or perhaps soil from the burial ceremony. They’re small, tasteful, and allow you to keep your loved one close to you at all times.  They can be an especially powerful soother during the emotionally trying holidays.


Our cremation jewelry is a unique line, and comes in a variety of colors, styles, materials, and price ranges to suit your needs. They serve as wonderful gifts to give to family members and serve as a treasured way to share the ashes amongst multiple members.  With this jewelry, you can truly spread the love, as multiple members of a family can each take a small amount of a loved one’s ashes to place in their own personal memento.  From sterling silver hearts or stars, to teardrops or butterflies, you can either have each family member pick their own style, or you can get a matching set for multiple members. They serve as beautiful mementos and help with the healing process, especially when it comes to deciding who will keep the ashes. Perhaps mother’s ashes will sit on father’s mantle, but each of the children gets a personal necklace to hold her a little bit close.

 Cremation Jewelry for ashes


Considering how important the contents of this jewelry is, as well as the emotional attachment to the jewelry itself, we feel it is important to provide you with a beautiful, complementary box to protect your jewelry while it rests on your nightstand.


Cremation jewelry makes for an emotional holiday gifts and is sure to be loved and treasured by those who receive them. If your loved one passed away only just this year, this jewelry can make for a wonderful way to remind you that while they may not be here in body, they are certainly here with you in spirit. Likewise, if you’re loved one passed away many years ago, and wounds are healed, cremation jewelry can be an impactful way of remembering the notion of gone, but not forgotten, and that even when years have passed, we still cherish those we’ve lost.  This year, you can use the holidays to remember the good times, even if times haven’t always been so easy. When we keep our loved ones close to our hearts, literally and figuratively, it helps us heal.


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