Cremation Urns as Gifts?

 While it may seem unusual, gifting someone with a cremation urn or urn accessories can be very helpful in the time of great pain and distress that follows a death. People in mourning don't always have the energy to think clearly about the last-minute details surrounding them. Often, they are too immersed in their grief to worry about what color urn to purchase, what design or personalization to choose. Those fine details are insignificant compared to the loss that they’re still learning to process.

   The death of a beloved is one of the most difficult events in life that a person can experience. People have been known to break down over what would normally be an easy choice - their grief making each task insurmountable.

   If you’re looking to purchase an urn for someone experiencing a loss, here are some suggestions of various sizes and styles of urns to help you get started in your thoughtful endeavor.



Adult Cremation Urns as Gifts

     It may be helpful to your friend or relative if you hold their hand along the way. Assisting your loved one with a portion of the planning and arrangements could be helpful to them, as some desperately need more time to process their thoughts and emotions. In times of grief, it can be very difficult to feel organized. It could take a load off of their shoulders to know that everything is being taken care of and that they have your dedicated support along the way.  



Adult LoveHeart Cremation Urn

Adult LoveHeart Cremation Urn for ashes


   The Adult LoveHeart Cremation Urnsare unique and elegant heart-shaped homes for the cremains of a loved one. With its soft edges and heart-shaped body, it strongly symbolizes love. It has a hand-painted pearlescent finish in a deep, luxurious color, and serves as a stunning display of love and memory for someone who has passed. To further the touch of elegance of the piece, nestled in the upper left curve is a genuine Swarovski crystal.

   Unrecognizable as a cremation urn, the Adult LoveHeart Cremation presents more like a decorative piece for your home rather than a memorial. The Adult LoveHeart Cremation Urns are available in a beautiful Rose Red and delicate Pearl White color. Both offer the option for custom text engraving to make the gift much more personal and thoughtful.


 Adult Wings of Hope Butterfly Cremation Urn


Adult Wings of Hope Butterfly Lavender Cremation Urn


 The Wings of Hope Butterfly Cremation Urn is the best choice for those looking for an urn that captures a vibrant and playful personality. Butterflies have much significance in commemorating the dearly departed with many cultures around the world viewing them as a symbol of renewal, rebirth, or changing life.

   The rounded edges are sleek and soft, giving a delicate appearance that naturally goes well with butterflies. The combined pink and lavender colors are vibrant and add a touch of personality to the piece, with subtle detailing that mirrors the segmented wings of a butterfly. The urn also has a pearlescent finish which has been skillfully applied by hand, giving it an ethereal and heavenly appearance.

 Adult Embrace Doves Cremation Urn

Adult Embrace Cherry Purple Doves Cremation Urn


   Honor the memory of your loved one with an Adult Embrace Doves Cremation Urn for Ashes. This beautiful urn displays a flock of doves flying upwards. This is a perfect resting place for someone who embodied freedom and peace.

  With influences in both traditional urns and modern design; the Embrace line is new and innovative. Superior laser engraving technology is used to engrave the ascending doves and custom text, making each of these urns a one of a kind piece. The Embrace line offers many vibrant and uplifting colors and four different sizesMake sure to speak with a GetUrns customer service representative if you are in need of different sizing or if you’d like a custom design on any Embrace urn.




Keepsake Cremation Urns as Gifts

   If your loved one would only like to hold onto a small portion of ashes or intends to share the ashes with other family and close friends, consider gifting them with a Keepsake Cremation Urn. Keepsake Urns are exactly as the name implies: they are small urns that fit in the palm of your hand. They are something one could hold close, wherever they may go.



Wings of Hope Keepsake Cremation Urn


Keepsake Wings of Hope Blue Cremation Urn

  Smaller in scale to the Adult Wings of Hope Cremation Urn, the Keepsake Wings of Hope Cremation Urn only holds a small portion of ashes, but it’s smaller size fits perfectly in almost any place within the home. It’s a beautiful and heavenly reminder of love, loss, and transformation.

   The butterfly is often seen to represent freedom and flight, as the butterfly itself possesses two wings capable of lifting the creature into the skies. For some families, this flight is the perfect parallel to remind them of a loved one's ascent into the heavens upon passing away. It can be a reminder of the continued life and journey even after death, in both a religious as well as spiritual sense.

LoveHeart Keepsake Cremation Urn

Keepsake Loveheart Cremation Urn Red


   The Keepsake LoveHeart Cremation Urn is the perfect way to remember the love and loss of someone dearly departed. The smaller keepsake urn is designed to hold only part of the ashes of a loved one, but is perfect for when a family is sharing or spreading some of the ashes.

   The design of the heart is unique, with a full and voluptuous heart with rounded curves all around. It rests on the tail end of itself, so you can see the heart shape from anywhere in a room.



Embrace Keepsake Cremation Urns


   Keepsake Embrace Urns are simple yet elegant in their design; drawing from the classic urn combined with modern motifs. Embrace Keepsake Cremation Urns are available in many different vibrant colors and designs to help you find the perfect forever home for loved ones. With many different options to choose from, you're bound to find a unique and personal match.



 Pet Cremation Urns as Gifts 

GetUrns Embrace keepsakes all colors


   If your friend has lost their beloved animal companion, pet cremation urns are a viable gift option as well. For many of us, our pets become true members of one’s family. We enjoy bringing them along to family events, we celebrate their birthdays, we allow them to sleep on the bed. They become an ingrained part of everyday life.




Embrace Heart Paws Cremation Urn

Black Embrace Heart Paws Pet Cremation Urn for ashes

   The Embrace Heart Paws Pet Cremation Urn is an elegant twist of classic urn design with modern motifs. This urn is suitable for cats and dogs and features a heart comprised of paw prints, signifying their permanent stamp on our hearts. This gorgeous urn is a perfect resting place and forever home for your furry friend.

   The Embrace Heart Paws can also be made unique with custom text engraving and by choosing from the wide range of colors and sizes. Make sure to speak with a GetUrns customer service representative if you are in need of different sizing or if you’d like a custom design on any Embrace urn.


Tealight Pet Cremation Urn

   The unique healing aspect of tealight urns is the candle. The candle produces a warm glow that has a healing effect. The flickering light stands as a symbol of their loved one's life and helps to remind them that they are still in their heart. Tealight urns hold a small portion of ashes to help family members and friends properly mourn the departed.

   These are classic cylindrical urns with paw prints walking upwards, showing the path our pets have to walk across the rainbow bridge. Tealights have a glass votive candle holder to hold a tealight or votive candle for a personal candle lighting ceremony or private farewell. Pet tealights come in tall and standard sizes with three finishes: Pearl, Midnight, and Bronze.

Pet Cremation Tealight Candle Holder Urn


   Make your gift meaningful and helpful to someone dealing with the departure of a loved one. Grief is extremely difficult to maneuver, so ease their stress by taking care of a vital component in funerary arrangements. While it may be uncomfortable to search for cremation urns, hopefully this list offered some viable options for you. This list is but a small insight into our vast collections of cremation urns and urn accessories. Make sure to search the rest of GetUrns to find an urn that will do a loved one justice.

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