Cremation Urns as Gifts?

by Alex Johnson February 10, 2020 4 min read

While it may seem unusual; gifting someone with a cremation urn or urn accessories can be very helpful in the time of great pain and distress that follows a death. People in mourning don't always have the energy to think clearly about the minute details surrounding them; often too caught up in their grief to worry about what color urn to purchase or what design or personalization to choose. Those fine details are insignificant compared to the loss they’re still learning to process, and rightly so  death is the most difficult thing a person can experience. People have been known to break down over what would normally be an easy choice - their grief making each task insurmountable. (Read more on grief here)


If you’re looking to purchase an urn for someone experiencing a loss, take a look at these choices of urns to help you get started in your thoughtful endeavor.

  1. Adult LoveHeart Cremation Urn

For a cremation urn that is both distinct and sophisticated - the LoveHeart Cremation Urn is a perfect choice. Inconspicuous but unique, the heart shaped urn is unrecognizable as a cremation urn; appearing more like a decorative piece for your home than a memorial. This stylish piece is pushed even further with the elegant clear swarovski crystal embedded in its silver heart shaped casing. This glossy 3-D heart comes in three sizes: Adult, Medium, and Keepsake. All three sizes offer the option for custom text engraving as well; making it an even more thoughtful and individualized gift. Be sure to take a look at the variety of finishes available: Red, Pearl, Pink, and Blue.

Adult LoveHeart Cremation Urn for ashes

  1. Wings of Hope Butterfly Cremation Urns

The Wings of Hope Butterfly Cremation Urn is the best choice for those looking for an urn that captures a vibrant and playful personality. Butterflies have much significance in commemorating the deceased with many cultures around the world viewing them as a symbol of renewal, rebirth, or changing life. This butterfly urn is very special, resembling a modern piece of art rather than an urn for ashes. The Wings of Hope Cremation Urn is available in three sizes: Keepsake, Medium, and Adult as well as three different finishes: Lavender, Pearl, and Blue.

Adult Wings of Hope Butterfly Lavender Cremation Urn

  1. GetUrns Embrace Adult Doves Cherry Purple Cremation Urns

With influences in both traditional urns and modern design; the Embrace line is new and innovative. Superior laser engraving technology is used to engrave the ascending doves and custom text, making each of these urns a one of a kind piece. The Embrace line is offered in various colors and four sizes: Keepsakes, Mediums, Tealights and Adults. Make sure to speak with a GetUrns customer service representative if you are in need of different sizing or if you’d like a custom design on any Embrace urn.

Adult Embrace Cherry Purple Doves Cremation Urn


Keepsake Cremation Urns

If your friend only has a small portion of ashes to store, consider getting them a keepsake cremation urn. Keepsakes are miniaturized versions of adult urns and can fit in the palm of your hand, making them great small gifts that won’t break the bank.

  1. Wings of Hope Keepsake Cremation Urn

A scaled down variation of the Adult Wings of Hope, this keepsake is a wonderful gift to help a friend commemorate their lost loved one.

Keepsake Wings of Hope Blue Cremation Urn

  1. LoveHeart Keepsake Cremation Urn

If your grieving friend liked the adult size, the keepsake can serve as a portable way to carry their loved one with them wherever they go.

 Keepsake Loveheart Cremation Urn Red

  1. Embrace Keepsake Cremation Urns

Available in a multitude of colors: Brick Red, Cherry Purple, Green, Cobalt Blue, Charcoal Grey, Black, Teal, Purple. There are also designs for nearly every personality out there: Fishing, Horse, Angel, Golfing, Owl, etc.  Make sure to speak with a GetUrns customer service representative if you are in need of different sizing or if you’d like a custom design on any Embrace urn.
GetUrns Embrace keepsakes all colors

Pet Cremation Urns

If your friend has lost their beloved animal companion, pet cremation urns are a viable gift option as well. For cats, dogs, birds, etc. GetUrns has various pet urns available. Please read more on pet cremation urns and pet cremation jewelry here.

  1. Embrace Heart Paws Cremation Urn

The Embrace Heart Paws Pet Cremation Urn is an elegant twist of classic urn design with modern motifs. This urn is crafted as a cat urn or dog urn with a heart comprised of paw prints; signifying their permanent stamp on our hearts. The Embrace Heart Paws can also be made unique with custom text engraving and by choosing from the wide range of different colors available. Make sure to speak with a GetUrns customer service representative if you are in need of different sizing or if you’d like a custom design on any Embrace urn.
Black Embrace Heart Paws Pet Cremation Urn for ashes


  1. Tealight Pet Cremation Urn

If you’d like to give your friend the chance to hold their own candlelight vigil or funeral ceremony for their lost pet; a Tealight Pet Cremation Urn is perfect. These are classic cylindrical urns with paw prints walking upwards, showing the path our pets have to walk across the rainbow bridge. Tealights have a glass votive candle holder to hold a tealight or votive candle for a personal candle lighting ceremony or private farewell. Pet tealights come in tall and standard sizes with three finishes: Pearl, Midnight, and Bronze.

Pet Cremation Tealight Candle Holder Urn


Make the next gift you give be meaningful and helpful to someone dealing with the death of a loved one. Grief is extremely difficult to manoeuver so ease their stress by taking care of a vital component in funerary arrangements. While it may be uncomfortable to search for cremation urns, hopefully this list offered some viable options for you. This list is but a small insight into our vast collections of cremation urns and urn accessories; make sure to search the rest of GetUrns to find an urn that will do a loved one justice.

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