Memorialize Your Dog Through These 5 Exceptional Ways

by Shopify Mobikasa April 22, 2022 4 min read

The loss of a pet can be every bit as painful as the loss of a friend or loved one. Dogs become part of the family. They love unconditionally and bring so much joy to our lives. When we lose a pet, it’s natural to want to honor their memory. Today, we will share some thoughtful ways to memorialize your dog.

5 Thoughtful Ways to Memorialize Your Dog

1. Plant a Memorial Tree

One nice way to memorialize your dog is to plant a memorial tree in your backyard or somewhere where you are permitted to do so. A planted tree will continue to grow year after year, serving as an enduring reminder of your furry companion.

When you plant a tree in memory of your pet, you are also giving back to the earth and caring for new life. Choose a tree that you can easily care for and will thrive in your location. Check your zone before planting memorial trees.

Popular memorial trees include:

  • Magnolia, which are low maintenance and easy to grow
  • Redbud, which have heart-shaped leaves and are also low-maintenance
  • Japanese maple, which have beautiful foliage

If you don’t want to plant trees yourself but like the idea of plants as a memorial, you have a few other options:

  • Have an organization plant trees in your dog’s honor. The Arbor Day Foundation offers this service, and you can choose to plant as many trees as you want.
  • Plant perennial flowers or a shrub in honor of your dog. A rose bush, for example, would be a lovely reminder of your dog whenever it blooms. Lilacs and hydrangeas are other great memorial plants for pets.

Plants are wonderful reminders of pets, and each time you care for them, you will also be caring for their memory and helping them live on.

2. Purchase a Pet Cremation Urns

                   Pet Cremation urnPaw Print Cremation UrnCremation Box

Another wonderful way to memorize your pet is with dog cremation urns. If you choose to cremate your pet, you can store their ashes in a beautiful urn that you can keep in your home. In this way, your pet will always be with you.

You can find a number of different pet urns in a variety of styles.

  • Paw print cremation urns are a popular choice for pet owners. They’re a sweet reminder of your furry friend.
  • Rainbow bridge urns are unique and a beautiful way to honor your pet’s journey to the other side.
  • Heart-shaped urns help you remember your pet and how they were a big part of your own heart.
  • Box urns are a simple yet elegant way to memorialize your dog and keep them with you always.

No matter which style or option you choose, cremation urns are a wonderful and traditional way to memorialize your dog. Urns can also be personalized to include your pet’s name, so they will never be forgotten. Best of all, you can take your pet with you wherever you go in life.

3. Cremation Jewelry

If you want to carry your pet close to your heart, cremation jewelry is a beautiful memorial option if you are cremating your dog.

Simply add a pinch of ashes to the pendant, and a piece of your pet will always be with you.

Like with urns, you can find a wide variety of cremation jewelry for dogs, including pendants shaped like:

Simple pendants, such as cylinder shaped pendants and urn shaped pendants, are also available for a subtler reminder of your dog. Jewelry made with high-quality materials will ensure that your pet’s ashes will be safe and sound for years to come.

Pendants typically come with a filling kit that makes it easy to add your dog’s ashes. Ashes can be permanently sealed by adding just a few drops of epoxy glue to the threads before screwing it closed.

Cremation jewelry is a subtle way to memorialize your dog and treasure their memory always. Find a pendant that speaks to you and will be a pleasant reminder of your four-legged companion.

4. Make a Donation to an Animal Shelter

Another beautiful way to memorialize your pet is to help other pets in need. For example, make a monetary donation to a local animal shelter or donate items they may need, such as food, toys, blankets or beds.

Many animal shelters allow you to make a donation in memory of a lost pet. You can send a one-time gift or make monthly donations.

There are also other ways to support local animal rescues and shelters, such as:

  • Sponsoring a pet.
  • Purchasing merchandise from the organization, like shirts or hats.

If you’re up to it, you may even consider fostering a rescue dog in memory of your lost companion. When you foster a dog, you’re providing a home and care for a dog in need.

It’s okay if you’re not ready to open your heart to a new dog yet. Making a donation can be just as helpful. Donating to an animal shelter is a wonderful way to memorialize your pet. Your gift will make a difference in other animals’ lives and help support a good cause.

5. Hold a Memorial Service

When we lose friends and loved ones, we hold memorial services or funerals to honor their lives and memories. Pets are part of the family. Holding a memorial service for your dog is a wonderful way to remember their life and the joy they gave to you and your family. It’s also a beautiful way to say goodbye to your furry companion, who provided unconditional love.

Your memorial services can be as simple or elaborate as you want. Invite friends and family, or simply have your own private memorial.

Honoring Your Dog’s Memory is Personal

There is no right or wrong way to memorialize your dog, but these five ideas are wonderful ways to honor your lost pet. Whether you prefer to plant a tree, display an urn in your home or hold a ceremony (or all three), there are so many personal and unique ways to memorialize your pet.

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