Personalize Your Memories with Custom Cremation Urns

by Taylor Evans April 08, 2022 4 min read

Mourning the loss of a loved one is always difficult. Even if you know that the person's time is limited or they're in pain, the loss is still one that is filled with emotions. However, there's still one last thing that you can do to honor this person: send them off properly.

Some people prefer burials, but others prefer cremation.

With either choice, there is a difficult decision to be made. You can opt for traditional wooden urns for ashes, or you can choose from an array of materials. If you plan to scatter the person's ashes immediately, you may want choose a scattering tube, opposed to a cremation urn.

However, custom cremation urns are also available if you plan to keep the person's ashes on your mantle or in your home.

How Customized Cremation Urns are Made

Custom cremation urns are similar to traditional urns, but they're personalized. For example, let's assume that your loved one was an avid animal lover. In this case, the urn may have paw prints on it or the names of the animals they owned.

You can add designs, poems, quotes, sayings – anything personal.

We also have a lot of people adding inside jokes to their urns because they allow them to look back at the urn and smile.

Choose from Numerous Urns Types

Did you know that urns are made from a variety of materials? You can choose from numerous types, from copper and wood to marble. A few of the types of urns to consider are:

  • Metal / Brass. A timeless material for an urn.  Add a motif or design to the urn, and it will look spectacular. Plus, these urns can last a lifetime.
  • Wooden. Another fantastic material for an urn is wood. Many people choose wooden urns because they're durable, beautiful and affordable.
  • Marble. A classic material option, marble urns are beautiful yet heavy. These are perfect urns for ashes, and they offer beauty and simplicity. (Please contact us to discuss customization options for marble cremation urns.)

If you want to be cremated with your loved one in the future or you know that someone else would like to have their ashes with him or her, a double cremation urn is a good option. These urns are designed to hold two sets of ashes, so they're perfect for loved ones who want to have their remains together for eternity.

Not sure what type of urn to choose?

You may want to consider your budget, too. We offer urns in all price ranges to help you find an urn that is perfect for your loved one and fits into your budget, too. We also offer in-depth customization to make every urn as unique as the person's ashes that they hold.

Of course, we also have pet urns that allow you to keep your best friend near you.


5 Customization Suggestions

Hopefully, you don't have to customize urns often during your lifetime. Many people have to go through this process once or twice, but there are always exceptions to the rule. If you're struggling to find a way to customize your loved one's urn, consider the following tips to get started:

  1. Quotes. A quote or saying is one of the leading ways to customize an urn. For some people, they brighten up a room and always have a smile on their faces. In this scenario, a quote about happiness may be the perfect way to have a custom urn made that truly honors the person.
  2. Sayings/Inside Jokes. Inside jokes and sayings are another popular option. Is there something the person always said, or did that was truly unique to them? If so, add this to their urn to ensure that the memory of these sayings continues to live on.
  3. Favorite color. Urns of nearly every color can be made. If the dearly departed were always wearing their favorite color, there's a good chance that they would want their urn to be this color, too.
  4. Favorite hobbies. What hobbies did the person have? In a previous example, we mentioned animals. However, a person may like hunting, fishing, sports, cars or a zillion other things. You can often add these hobbies, in some form, to the urn. For example, we can add a soccer ball to the urn with a person's player number.
  5. Ask others. Sometimes, the grief of your loss can make it impossible to focus and try to find the perfect way to customize an urn. However, you don't need to go through this process alone. Ask friends, family and anyone close to the person if they have any ideas on customizing their urn.

An urn is the person's final vessel, and while your loved one may be gone, customizing their urn is one final way to say your "goodbye."

Click here to view our Customization Guide

Availability of Custom Cremation Urns   

At GetUrns, we have urns for human ashes, pet cremation urns and more. Our custom cremation urns offer you the personalization that your loved ones deserve. When placing your order, you can choose:

You can upload your design concept, and we'll make it a reality. Add a motorcycle to the enthusiast's urn, deer, hearts, poems, birds or anything you wish.

Our team will work with you to ensure your urn is as special as the loved one you lost.

Click here to order your custom urn.

Click here to view our custom portfolio.

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