Why buying an urn online is a smart choice

by Alex Johnson January 25, 2019 4 min read

 Buying an urn online

GetUrns offers its customers the opportunity to find the perfect urn to memorialize your loved one from the comforts of your own home.  In what is already a trying time, we feel and recognize the importance of providing mourners with whatever might make a difficult and challenging time as easy as possible.  In an effort to provide some relief in all of the tasks, managements, and organizing that our customers are likely doing, we feel having the ability to view, select, and purchase an urn online helps ease the burden of loss.



Privacy, Support, and Family Decisions

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One of the common complaints regarding the vast expanse of internet shopping is the loss of personal touch and interaction that results from scrolling through websites, rapidly viewing items. However, GetUrns provides you with the opportunity to carefully, intently, and thoughtfully spend time with family, in a private space, looking for the perfect urn for your loved one.  It’s an opportunity to avoid the hassle of visiting various funeral homes, and glancing at their displayed selection, feeling pressured or receiving advice from some salesperson who never knew your loved one in the first place.  Imagine being able to sit around the dining table with your family, scrolling through urns and sharing wonderful memories as you lovingly discuss what each person seeks in an urn. 


You have the privacy of your own home to cry and laugh in remembrance, the support of being in a welcoming and familiar space during an emotionally trying time, and the comfort of being surrounded by family members to come to a decision together.



Ease of Purchase, Ease of Price, Ease of Time

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Between planning funerals, organizing wakes, writing obituaries, preparing eulogies, making phone calls, and all the other demanding efforts needed in the event of a loss, selecting an urn can add to this burdensome list.  In an effort to ease your burdens, we recognize some of the more practical benefits that come with having the opportunity to find the perfect urn online.  With all that is required in the preparation following a loss, the costs can truly start to climb.  One of the benefits to finding and purchasing an urn online is that you’ll often find the cost of an online urn to be even half the price of what you’re offered in the funeral home. We can find the same urns, from the same suppliers, but charge significantly less as a result of cutting out the middleman and working directly with suppliers. This also brings another benefit: cutting short the time.  At GetUrns, we know time is of the essence, since so many funerals come shortly following the passing of a loved one.  Purchasing an urn online brings the added benefit of quick shipping times, ensuring that you will have your urn in a timely fashion, easing the stress and worry of when it might arrive at the funeral home.



Quality Treatment: Customer Service and Customer Reviews 

When discussing the benefits of being able to view and select your urn in the peace of your own home, we mentioned the benefit of not having an outsider, someone from the funeral home, providing unwanted input and invading what might be a private moment.  However, we also understand the potential need for guidance when working to pick just the right urn.  GetUrns wants to promise you the support you need, no matter the time of day.  On our site, you’ll find that should you need assistance, we provide excellent customer service by means of phone, chat, or email.  Need guidance in understanding the difference between two materials, ceramic or wood, for your urn? Hoping for clarification on an engraving you’d like on your urn?  Confused about whether you might want a keepsake urn or a traditional urn?  We are on-hand and ready to support you by providing answers, giving guidance, or offering explanations, all while remaining sensitive to your emotional needs. 

An added benefit to the online portion of customer service arises from the customer reviews posted to our website.  Find yourself with a sense of ease as you scroll through our review section, where people enduring similar emotional challenges share their experiences of both selecting and receiving their own urn from GetUrns.  You can even review ratings and feedback for individual items you’re viewing, determining whether you want to purchase it based on someone else’s confidence with their same purchase. With hundreds of reviews, our happy and satisfied buyers will leave you feeling both comfortable and confident about finding just the right urn for your loved one.



The Power of Choice and Selection

 Custom urns


In an effort to perfect and personalize your funeral arrangements, it’s important to be aware of what your options are and how to go about finding a way to guarantee you’re getting just want you want and seek for your loved one’s memorializing. Whether it’s the flower arrangements, the urn, the ceremony, you want certain things and within a certain price range.  You should be able to build the ceremony and remembrance that you want.


In support of this, it’s important to know that the Federal Trade Commission supports a federal mandate that a funeral home cannot refuse to accept what casket or urn you bring forth to them, including an urn purchased online. The Funeral Rule provides certain powers to you, powers that a funeral home must allow, whether it’s providing cost information, informing you of alternatives regarding caskets, or the freedom to select which offered services you do or do not want, as well as the power to purchase your urn online to bring to them for cremation remains.



Whether you’re seeking an easier and more private experience, are simply looking to be cost-efficient with your funeral plans, or are hoping to find confidence in the decisions and purchases you need to make, GetUrns’ online urn selection and purchasing options will help you keep focused on what’s really important during a difficult time.

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