Cremation Tealights

by Alex Johnson April 05, 2019 2 min read

cremation tealights


Regardless of whether one is religious or simply more spiritual by nature, it can be said that we all seek moments of serenity and illumination after having suffered the loss of a loved one.  Some of us want to understand the ‘why’, or others want to understand what comes after, while other still simply want to know how long they will feel the pain of this loss. We seek to soothe our souls.


 To this end, cremation tealights play a beautifully supportive role. Cremation tealights are smaller cremation urns, that hold only a portion of ashes, and have a small cavity for the placement of a tealight. These delicate pieces come in a variety of colors, many of them matching some of the full size urns offered. 

 cremation urn tealight on window



As a remembrance piece, cremation tealights are a wonderful way to find comfort and solace in the warm yet gentle glow of a tealight. During particularly challenging days, it can be lit, and appreciated, helping to calm the soul. During birthdays or holidays, they can be a significant means of holding a memorial or remembrance ceremony, as the lighting of the candle presents a moment for pause and reflection. Perhaps on the eve of a death, prayers and memories can be shared around the dinner table, helping us take not that those we’ve lost are never truly forgotten.


The healing nature of the cremation tealights are also a benefit because of their ability to be shared amongst family members.  Since the cremation tealights are smaller in size, individual family members can each share in a portion of those ashes to be displayed in their own homes. 

Families can get matching tealights to symbolize unity, or individualized tealights to reflect the individuality of their own relationship with the deceased.

While one family member might prefer the grace and elegance of a dove-decorated cremation tealight, another might prefer the subtle and subdued auburn cremation urn. Depending on the preferred placement, the stunning and glowing pewter cremation urn might look lovely in one’s kitchen, while the speckled indigo urn goes perfectly with your living room. You can personalize your tealight with the individual and with the resting space they will take within your home. 


Cremation tealights are not only a meaningful way to feel comforted over the loss of a family member or loved one, but even the loss of a beloved pet.  The flame’s glow can evoke the same warmth and comfort you felt every time your cat crawled to come sit upon your lap, or those moments when your dog sat lovingly at your feet while you ate breakfast.


Regardless of the loss and sadness we feel, we all search for some form of comfort and understanding, and the enchanting nature of the tealight can bring a suffering soul a sense of peace.

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