Your Guide to Cremation Jewelry for Men

by Kristal Borjas July 23, 2021 4 min read

More people are choosing cremation over burials. The choice to cremate is often financial, but a person may also want their final resting place to be outside of a cemetery. For the person’s remaining loved ones and family, it also offers the opportunity to purchase cremation jewelry for ashes.

Men are also finding growing opportunities to purchase cremation jewelry that can be worn daily.

Cremation jewelry once had a stigma that it was weird or odd, but today’s options are sleek and hip. You'll find a lot of jewelry options available that look like a high-end piece of jewelry without a hint that you’re carrying someone’s ashes with you.

Types of Cremation Jewelry for Men

Men have a wide range of options for cremation jewelry, with the most common being:

  • Bracelets. Small and sleek bracelets, including rope options, are available. The ashes are held in a small, inconspicuous compartment.
  • Necklaces. There are multiple necklace options that look great with compartments hidden away to hide ashes. If you don’t want a pendant or bracelet, this is a good option for you.
  • Pendants.A pendant is a great option because the ashes are often hidden away in a tiny compartment behind the pendant itself. The pendant can be attached to most necklaces, and a lot of pendants do come with a necklace.
  • Stones. There are some manufacturers that will mix ashes into stones to make them a decorative piece of art that you can wear,

You'll find a wide range of cremation jewelry options for men. Manufacturers are also starting to offer unisex options that will work perfectly for men and women. From bracelets to pendants, there are a wide range of options to pick from.

How to Fill Cremation Jewelry

Most jewelry pieces have small compartments that need to be opened and filled with ashes. Filling kits offer the most user-friendly option for filling these compartments because they come with the tools necessary to fill your jewelry.

A typical filling involves:

  • Opening the urn to access the ashes
  • Unscrewing the compartment to open it
  • Opening the compartment and placing a small funnel in it
  • Using a spoon or similar to scoop up a very small amount of ashes
  • Gently shaking the ashes inside of the funnel
  • Filling the pendant up to 90% full
  • Cleaning out any ashes that are in the screw hole
  • Screwing the container closed

Some users want to permanently close their compartments, and this should only be done when you’ve tested the screw multiple times. You want to ensure that the screw can easily enter and exit the hole before applying any glue for a permanent closure.

How is Cremation Jewelry Made?

Cremation jewelry is made similarly to any type of jewelry, but the pieces have small compartments that can be opened for ashes to be stored. The stone options are different because they’re made from the person’s actual ashes.

Cremation diamonds, for example, are made by putting the diamonds into a container that is heated to over 5,000 degrees. Oxidation occurs to all elements but the carbon, which will then be turned into graphite.

The graphite is then put inside of a diamond crystal, which is then placed in a press and heated once again.

Once the heating process is complete, the graphite is allowed to cool and will turn into a crystal.

4 Cremation Jewelry Options for Men

1. TadBlu Men’s Cord Bracelets

TadBlu is a manufacturer of simple, yet beautiful corded bracelets that are ideal for men. These bracelets come in a wide range of colors that match any outfit and style. You'll find options made of either naval cord or leather too.

Multiple options are available, with each offering a small compartment that allows you to store ashes.

Click here to view our collection of TadBlu bracelets.

2. Flask™ Two Tone Sterling Silver Cremation Pendant

The Flask pendant is a beautiful, silver pendant with Rhodium plating that protects the flask from any corrosion or discoloration. The flask has a black coating on the exterior that offers a stunning contrast to the silver.

Ideal for everyday wear, the pendant has a small ash compartment in the back that you can fill with your loved one’s ashes.

A filling and care kit, 20” chain and treasure box are all included with your purchase.

Click here to view the two tone flask.

3. Celtic Cross with Knots™ Two Tone Sterling Silver Cremation Pendant

The Celtic Cross is a silver cremation pendant that is perfect for him. Featuring a two-tone design, the Celtic cross. The cross has a small compartment, located on the back, where you can store your loved one’s ashes.

Rhodium plating surrounds the silver’s surface to add an additional layer of corrosion and discoloration resistance to the pendant.

Ideal for everyday wear, the Celtic cross is a historical symbol with a rich history. And now, you can carry your loved one’s ashes with you inside of the cross.

Click here to view this pendant.

4. Anchor™ Sterling Silver Cremation Pendant

Anchor pendants are a beautiful opportunity to keep someone’s ashes in a sleek, aesthetically pleasing piece of jewelry. The pendant is great if you or the deceased had a special connection to the ocean or liked sailing or boating.

Made with solid sterling silver, the pendant symbolizes:

  • Stability
  • Security

You'll also receive a display box that you can use to store the pendant and ashes when not wearing the anchor.

Click here to view this anchor.

Cremation jewelry is the perfect way to keep your loved one close to you. Whether you choose a bracelet, pendant or other jewelry, there are options perfect for men of all ages.

Want to view even more options?

Click here to view all of our cremation jewelry for ashes.

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