Adult Embrace Bright Red Hearts Cremation Urn

Size Guide
      • Honor and cherish the memories of your loved one with this gorgeous Adult Embrace Red Hearts Cremation Urn for ashes.
      • This Cremation Urn features a deep red finish with a brushed pewter band near the cap with a silver engraved hearts.
      • A full sized Adult Urn with 200 Cu Inches, The Embrace series offers higher value at a modest price point.
      • Unique design with mixed elements of modern and classic urn shapes. 
      • Red is a color of of love, celebration and affection and the Embrace Red Hearts Cremation Urn is the perfect resting place for your loved one who you remember by looking at this urn.
      • The Hearts artwork holds a special place for people who share the love and passion for their loved one. It is the true symbol of love
      • It is a simple yet elegant urn for ashes with a red finish that will preserve the memories of your loved ones. It is made out of Aluminum metal with a capacity of 200 Cubic Inches (Appropriate for a 200 Lbs Adult)

    Size: Adult Urns
    Dimensions: 9.5"H x 7"D
    Capacity: 200 cu. Inches
    Material: Alloy
    Opening: Threaded lid
    Velvet Bag: Not Included