Custom Printed Heritage Carbon Fiber Flower Frame Wood Box Cremation Urn

Size Guide
  • Capacity 213 cu. Inches
    Outside Dimensions 8.5"L x 6.75" W x 5"H "
    Inside Dimensions 7.7"L x 6.0 " W x 4.6"H
    Material Wood Composite
    Opening Bottom plate secured by screws
    Size Adult Urns
  • Elegant and timeless: the floral frame design draws attention to the text design. This work of art is perfect for someone who enjoyed life’s simple pleasures, such as, the morning dew and the smell of fresh cut flowers. Flowers symbolize life’s renewal. They can be a powerful reminder of the fleeting nature of life and that as flowers wilt and pass on, new life begins again.

    This Heritage Cremation Urn Memorial Box for Ashes features a symmetrical carbon fiber weave pattern. This textured and modern design creates an extraordinary work of art. The Carbon Fiber design is perfect for someone who was innovative and who embraced an industrial aesthetic. The sleek carbon fiber finish offers a feeling of strength and authentic memory, giving you a touching way to keep the memory of your loved one close by you.

    The plaques for these cremation urns are uniquely printed using state of the art full UV printing technology. UV inks capture true rich colors that not only look vibrant but are made to stand the test of time.

    Every order is carefully reviewed by our expert graphic designers and created in a way that will look most aesthetically pleasing.

    The gorgeous design allows for a capacity of 213 cubic inches of ashes, and includes a black edge to add the final touch of grace. 

    Note: This product comes with a custom printed plaque. Please make sure you personalize your item in order to receive plaque. 

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