Sea Shell™ Pearl Sterling Silver Cremation Pendant

  • Capacity A Pinch
    Dimensions 17mmH x 20mmW
    Material 925 Sterling Silver
    Opening screw located at back
    Size Pendant
    What's Included 20" Sterling Silver Snake Chain. Elegant Treasure Box™ with filling and care kit.
  • The Sea Shell Pearl pendant is the perfect piece of jewelry that not only is exquisite and wearable, but filled with personal meaning and significance. The pendant has an opening at the back, and through it the wearer can insert a pinch of ashes or other meaningful item.

    The design itself is incredibly stunning, as the cremation jewelry pendant takes on the form of a sea shell plucked perfectly from the ocean, with an exquisite pearl nestled in the center. The scalloped edges of the shell are slightly textured, bringin perfect balance to the smoked-gray upper portion.

    Although the necklace looks as fragile as a real sea shell, it is made even more durable with a rhodium plated, which coats the sterling silver 925 material to bring added protection and shine

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