TearDrop™ with Crystal Pendant Sterling Silver Cremation Jewelry

Size Guide
  • The TearDrop Pendant with rhodium plating is both beautiful and exquisite, as well as well-made and durable.

    The pendant itself is styled after a teardrop, but the features enhance it to give it a touch of class and refinement. The surface of the teardrop has been given a textured coating, which pairs with the striking crystal detail at the bottom of the pendant.

    The teardrop is made from sterling silver 925 but has been coated in rhodium plating. It is durable, resists corrosion and scratches, but still retains its quality.

    The textured front is paired with smooth detailing, giving it a two-toned effect. In the center of the pendant is a small container that allows the wearer to place a pinch of ashes into the center to keep a loved one close at all times.