TadBlu Leather Cord Women’s Cremation Bead Charm Bracelet

Size Guide
  • The TadBlu Leather Cord Women’s Cremation Charm bracelet is a collection of cremation jewelry that is a lovely example of beautiful, subtle, everyday wear that allows the wearer to keep their style natural yet accessorized.

    The pieces come in a range of color options that make it easier for the wearer to select the perfect piece for them. Expertly crafted from fine leather, the jewelry features a modern and simplistic design that includes four cords of worked, smooth leather, held together by a magnetic 316 stainless steel closure band.

    The key element is the teardrop charm, which allows the wearer to place a small pinch of ashes into the center.

    The teardrop, like the closure band, is crafted from 316 stainless steel as well, which ensures durability as well as quality. The design is casual yet elegant, which makes it ideal for allowing one to keep a loved one close to them every day. 

    This measurement pertains to the exact WRIST CIRCUMFERENCE

    Wrist Size Inches


    XS 5.5-5.8


    S 5.9-6.6


    M 6.7-7.2


    L 7.3-8.0


    XL 8.1-8.6