Wood cremation urns

by Alex Johnson February 02, 2018 4 min read

Wooden Cremation Boxes and Cremation Urns

Choosing the right urn for your loved one is a deeply personal, meaningful decision for the whole family. It needs to properly honor the remains of the deceased while remaining durable to last for many decades. For this reason, many people choose wooden cremation urns, which combine durability with a distinctive natural beauty.

When choosing your wooden urn, you will typically think about three different criteria, or three different items to consider in order to make the best decision. They are the type of wood, the purpose of the urn, and the style or theme you are looking for.

Type of Wood

You have a wide range of possibilities when it comes to deciding on the type of wooden cremation box or urn you choose. Each wood comes with its own set of individual qualities and advantages, leaving you with many great options to choose from.

- Apricot – This type of wood is related to cherry, but it is harder and heavier. Since it is a scarcer wood, it tends to work better for smaller pieces.
- Bamboo – This environmentally friendly wood is made from pressed bamboo stalks, allowing for a distinctive look. With a lighter, blond yellow color, bamboo is one of the most unique woods out there.
- Cedar – With a red color and light color, cedar has a straight grain that can make it easier to work. It has a distinct odor and does very well resisting decay, even in moist environments.
- Cherry – A very durable hardwood, cherry wood is a straight grain wood that can be anywhere from blond to reddish brown. It is known for its sturdiness and works well either stained or unstained.
- Maple – This hardwood is generally creamy white but often has a reddish tinge, which helps it take to dark staining very well. With many species of maple out there, greater customization is possible.
- Oak – Another very durable hardwood, oak has a fine texture. While golden in color, oak can have darker streaks along with reddish or orange tints, giving each piece a distinctive look.
- Pine – This softwood generally has a well-defined grain, and is often yellow or white with brown knots. As with many other woods, a variety of pines adds to the individuality.
- Rosewood – With a distinctive smell and rich chocolate color, rosewood can sometimes have black streaks that give it a unique grain pattern. This wood has higher demand due to a lower overall supply.
- Walnut – One of the most durable wood types, walnut can come in a variety of colors, from dark brown to a lighter yellow. Black walnut is a common variation.

The many varieties of wood help add to the distinctive look and feel of wooden cremation urns, giving it a style all its own.


While the purpose of all memorial urns is to hold the remains of a loved one in a respectful, distinguished way, deciding where the urn will be placed and who it is for can also make an impact on the type of wooden urn you choose.

For urns that will be displayed at a home, the design and look of the urn takes on added importance. A variety of tasteful designs are available, helping craft a look that will properly honor the remains of the loved one. Wood also lends itself to easier engraving than a metal cremation urn, allowing you to add a special message or not on the urn.

On the other hand, if the urn will be placed in a cemetery plot of columbarium, you may choose to go a different route with the design.

This is also when you consider what size of urn you will need. Whether it is an infant, child, adult, or a pet, different sizes will impact your decision. If you are unsure what size is needed, it may be best to contact us to let us help make sure you are choosing an urn that is not too big or too small. We offer keepsake or small urns, medium or child urns, adult urns, and XL urns to help ensure we have the right size.

Style and Theme

Whether due to personal preferences of the family members choosing the urn or the interests of the deceased, you can find a style of wooden cremation urn that fits what you are looking for. With a natural, rustic beauty, it is easier to find a wooden urn that captures exactly what you desire. A few examples of the styles offered are:

- A cherry or oak box urn can provide a simple, durable look for a home or columbarium. Made from very durable hardwoods, these provide a tasteful, natural look.

- For a little more complex look, this Cherry Reflections Chest Urn offers a traditional, sleek finish. The Windsor cherry finish gives a complex, refined look that fits into any room or area.

- A perfect piece on a mantel is the Chaumont cremation urn, which has a polished and distinguished feel. The two-toned look is both contemporary and classic all in one, with a small timepiece in the center to finish off the look.

- For something that naturally fits into any room, this Heritage Mantel Clock Urn is finished with a Windsor cherry and includes faux drawer handles. A distinguished resting place for the remains of a loved one.

- To even better remember a loved one, a High Gloss Photo Urn allows you to add a photo right in front. Rosewood finished with brass columns, this stately urn is a favorite.

- For a patriotic touch, this Star Spangled Banner memorial urn is perfect for members of the military. Show the classic red, white, and blue for a beautiful place to hold remains of a loved one.

For many wooden urns, engraving can be done right on the urn. If that is not possible, there is always the option to add engraved plaques to the flat surfaces or wooden urn chests.

Wooden urns have a natural, rustic beauty in a style that is distinctively wooden. With many beautiful designs, styles, and wood choices, many families desire the look and feel of the wood, along with the availability of personalization or engraving. Contact us to earn more about the wooden cremation urns that we offer.

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