Medium TearDrop Hammered Silver Cremation Urn

  • Capacity 25 cu. Inches
    Dimensions 4.33"L 3.35"W 6.3"H
    Material Brass
    Opening Threaded Screw on bottom
    Size Medium Urn
    What's Included Velvet Bag
  • The Medium TearDrop Hammered Silver Black cremation urn is a stark reminder of our emotions, and the depth of those emotions as we experience loss and sadness. The unique tear-drop shape strays from traditional urn shapes, which only adds to how unique this piece is.

    The textures of it are some of its best features: a deep and dark onyx-black finish on one half, and a striking hammered silver finish on the other. The black finish has been given a stunning glossy appearance, which catches and reflects light beautifully. The silver has been hammered delicately and by hand to give dimension and texture.

    They go well together, and can also be customized individually with messages, words, or images that remind you of your loved one.

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