Adult TearDrop Brushed Pewter Midnight Cremation Urn

Size Guide
  • Capacity 150 cu. Inches
    Dimensions 7"W x 10.75"H x 5.5"D
    Material Brass
    Opening Top-Screw on Lid
    Size Adult Urns
    What's Included Velvet Bag
  • The TearDrop Brushed Pewter Cremation Urn takes on a unique shape with its curved, multi-dimensional teardrop figure. The perfect symbol of emotionality, loss, and solitude, it is also a gorgeous piece of modern art, making it ideal for a contemporary home piece with personal meaning and significance.

    Crafted from solid brass, the piece has been cast with curved edges and a flattened center. The outer edges are smooth and protected with a gloss coating giving it a blackened, glossy sheen.

    The center of the urn has the brushed look, smooth but with mild texture to give it an elevated sense of details. The brushed center is a light colored pewter, to draw a contrast to the black gloss on the outer curves of the urn.

    With a hidden threaded screw bottom to insert the ashes, this urn is a beautiful modern piece of art.

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