Embrace Cremation Urns and Custom Designs

by Taylor Evans December 07, 2022 9 min read



   A life lost is always a time for reflection. Losing a loved one is often one of the most difficult times that we’ll ever face in a lifetime. But with that loss, comes an opportunity to share in celebration for the life that our loved one lived. We have a chance to come together, to share in their memory, to cherish their achievements, and to also mourn in their passing. We are with you every step of the way to offer guidance, support, and compassion to direct attention toward what’s most important during such a challenging time.

   Custom cremation urns add a nice, personal touch to urns that hold your loved one’s ashes. We aim to immortalize the dearly departed with high-quality, artistic, hand made cremation urns that serve as a worthy memorial rather than just an urn.

We know that losing a loved one is a time of reflection.

As a family-run business, we pride ourselves on offering:

  • Unique experiences
  • Personalization
  • Embodiment
  • Strategic partnerships

   Our partnerships, forged throughout the years, allowed us to create something very special: The Embrace Collection.

Why Did We Create the Embrace Collection?

   The Embrace Collection was created in an effort to immortalize lost loved ones. A person’s memory and spirit should live on well after they’re gone, and our collection focuses on preserving these two elements in every way we can.

Urns in the collection:

  • Encapsulate life
  • Immortalize memory

   Our team decided that the classic urn needed to be reinvented. The Embrace Collection offers beautiful, vivid colors and new motifs to change the way we view urns.

   Our customers deserve more. We know that the only way to embrace a person and what they meant while they were on earth is through personalization. You can make every urn unique with the industry’s top personalization opinions.

Your loved one’s urn deserves to be as unique as they were.

   The Embrace Collection allows you to take charge of the personalization to create an individual urn that would make your loved one proud. We also offer laser engraving, so you can add in the person’s favorite quotes, inside jokes or other sayings.

However, the Embrace Collection is comprised of other elements:

Everything Starts With Innovation

   Before Embrace, the options available for cremation urns were unoriginal in their somber colors and outdated silhouettes. While there is a space for those urns, Embrace was created to celebrate loved ones by incorporating:

  • Vibrant colors
  • Aesthetic elements
  • Contemporary themes (more on that below)

   Our Embrace Collection is unique and beautiful while still maintaining the classic urn shapes that people easily recognize.

The Embrace Collection urns are meant to last a lifetime.

Durable to Outlast the Effects of Time

   Memories may fade, but they should never be forgotten. Each Embrace Urn in our collection is hand-crafted using durable aluminum alloy, which is designed to never chip or break. Your loved one’s urn can last a lifetime, and we spare no expense when creating each urn.

All of our urns feature:

  • High-quality raw materials
  • Hand-painted with high-pigmentation paints
  • Protective gloss finish
  • Crisp and detailed laser engraving 

   The lively colors we offer won’t fade and will remain a symbol of the vibrant life that your loved one lived.

Ash Enclosures Offer Lifetime Security

   Each urn in the collection has a threaded lid that twists open and closes the same way. Using a threaded screw lid protects the contents of the urn for a lifetime. You can confidently transfer the urn and never have to worry about ashes falling out in the process.

We also make it easy to permanently seal the urn.

   You can add a few drops of industrial epoxy (suitable for metal materials) to the lid’s threads before closing it to keep the lid in place permanently. Curing time will differ from one epoxy to the next, so be sure to allow the epoxy to cure as per the product’s instructions.

Customizable to Create a One-of-a-Kind Urn

   Customization is the cornerstone of the Embrace Collection. Each urn is hand-painted, but we go the extra mile to ensure that you can memorialize your loved one. Our team utilizes the industry’s best laser engraving technology to offer:

  • Crisp and detailed laser-engraved custom artistic designs made to order
  • Flawless custom text (The sizing is adjusted by our engraving department to make the text most aesthetically pleasing. This often includes enlarging the name so that it stands out and centering the text).
  • Various font styles to choose from

   Your loved one deserves the best, and our graphic designers will work with you to bring the perfect urn to life.


Customization: We Can Bring Most Any Custom Design to Life

   Customization is such an integral part of the Embrace Collection that it’s something we really wanted to discuss with you in great detail.

   First and foremost, you can email us on our Custom Urns form to see if we can bring your design to life.

Click here to go to the Custom Urns form.

   When you land on the page, we’ll ask you to fill out a brief form with the following information:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Urn Size
  • Preferred Color
  • File (Reference Image)
  • Message (Notes, desired text engraving, and chosen font)

   You'll also have the option of seeing our custom urns gallery. The gallery includes designs that our graphic design team has had the pleasure of creating for our customers.

Common Customization Requests

   Customization is something we found missing in old, traditional urns. Unfortunately, many urns remained bland and lacked the essence that embodied everything that made the person’s ashes they’re holding special.

The Embrace Collection takes customization to the next level with:

  • Common Phrases. Add custom phrases to the urn or choose from the most common options.
  • Dates. Don’t forget the person’s birth and death dates. We offer numerous date formats to choose from.
  • Font Options. Multiple font choices are available. We offer you six font choices for your engravings, such as Times New Roman, Times New Roman Italic, Gotham, Monotype Corsiva, Edwardian Script and Wisdom Script.
  • Artwork. You can also choose from a wide range of artwork in our collection.

   If you need any help with engraving and personalization, or determining which font or date format is the best choice for you, we can help. Our engraving department is also ready to help you choose fonts to fit your loved one perfectly.

Embrace Themes to Match Your Loved One's Passions

   Themes are one of the easy, beautiful ways to make an urn match your loved one's passions and personality. We have several theme and size options for:

  • Adult
  • Medium
  • Tealight
  • Keepsake

Our Embrace collection includes (but is not limited to) the following designs:



   Butterflies represent transformation. Across the world, butterflies are seen as symbols of beauty, grace and serenity. They begin their lives as caterpillars, and when their time comes, they transition into their cocoons before emerging as transformed creatures.

   Our Butterflies design celebrates the transformative nature of these grand creatures. Laser-engraved butterflies take flight along the side of the urn, enveloping a personalized engraving for your loved one.



   Although they have a joyful and playful nature, dolphins are also known as protectors and guides. They’re symbols of purity and protection, making them a fitting choice for an urn.

   For lovers of the ocean, sailing or the calm serenity of the sea, our Dolphin urn is a beautiful way to remember your loved one’s passion and honor their memory.

   Our Dolphins design features three engraved dolphins leaping into the air above the sea. Beneath the design is space for a custom engraving up to three lines long.

   Choose from more than a dozen colors, with glossy and pearlescent paint finishes available.



  The dove is a powerful symbol of peace and purity. In times of mourning, these beautiful birds are believed to bring hope and healing. With our Embrace Doves urn collection, you can send your loved one hope and peace as they move on to their next journey.

   Our laser-engraved design features a flight of doves soaring into the sky. The dove’s journey is not unlike the journey your loved one is taking.

   Like our other Embrace urns, you may personalize the Doves urn. Add your loved one’s name and customize the design with your own message.


   Magical, mysterious and beautiful, the dragonfly can captivate, mesmerize and fill our hearts with wonder. Along with their magical nature, dragonflies can also represent transformation and change.

The Embrace Dragonfly urns depict dragonflies in flight, ready for their next stage in life. Personalize this urn with your loved one’s name and their favorite color.



   The lily flower is a symbol of rebirth, innocence and purity. They are commonly associated with funeral services, as they also represent the soul’s return to peace.

   The Embrace Lily urn is a classic and elegant choice for a cremation urn, featuring two beautiful lilies in bloom. Our keepsake and tealight variations feature a single lily to honor your loved one’s memory.



   When our loved ones pass on, they take a piece of our hearts with them. It's only fitting to remember and honor not only your loved one, but that piece of your heart as well. Hearts are also universal symbols of love, making them a wonderful choice for a cremation urn design.

   Our Embrace Hearts urn features two intertwined hearts, representing you and your lost loved one.



   Horses are symbols of freedom and spirituality. Whether your loved one was a lover of horses or a free, wild spirit, our Embrace Horse urn is a beautiful choice for a cremation urn.

   Our laser-engraved design embodies the true spirit of horses, with its flowing mane blowing in the wind.



   With their playful and joyful spirits, hummingbirds are beautiful memorial birds. The Embrace Hummingbird design is perfect for anyone who loved these birds in life or embodied the same spirit as these sprightly creatures.



   For patriots and those in service, the Embrace American Glory is a beautiful way to honor their memory and their passion in life. This urn features a bald eagle, the American flag and three powerful words, “United We Stand.”

Praying Hands


   Praying hands are universally symbolic of prayer and hope. Our Embrace Praying Hands urn will bring you peace each time you view it and encourage you to say a prayer for your loved one. The simple but elegant design makes it a wonderful choice for a cremation urn.

Dirt Bike


   For fans of dirt bike riding, our Embrace Dirt Bike urn allows your loved one’s passion to live on through memory. Celebrate their love for riding with this playful design, available in more than a dozen colors.



   Our Embrace Football urn is perfect for football fans and former players. Celebrate and honor their favorite sport, which was such a big part of their identity and personality. Choose from a variety of colors and personalization options.



   For baseball fans and players, our Embrace Baseball urn is a fitting choice. Our laser-engraved design features dual baseball bats, a baseball, a helmet and a glove. Add your loved one’s name and choose their favorite color to honor their passion for this sport.



   Angels are universally symbolic of peace and hope. Many cultures and religions believe it’s the angels that guide our loved ones to the next stage and watch over us in this life. Our Embrace Angel urn features a beautiful angel with a halo and hands in prayer.



   The Embrace Motorcycle urn is ideal for motorcycle enthusiasts. For many, riding is a way of life. Motorcycles are symbols of freedom and exploring unknown roads. It’s a fitting way to honor and remember our loved ones who are taking this journey for themselves.

Tree of Life


   The Tree of Life is a representation of the interconnectedness of this planet and all things in the universe. It also symbolizes the cycle of life and death. Celebrate your loved one and their connection with our Embrace Tree of Life urn.



   Lighthouses are beacons for sailors, helping them find their way home. They represent hope and security, helping sailors find safe passage to shore. Our Embrace Lighthouse urn depicts a beautiful lighthouse with gulls, waves and a shining light to guide your loved one to the next stage in life.




Our Embrace collection features two cross designs:

   Crosses are symbols not only of religion, but of cultural heritages and may represent unity.

   And these are just some of the many themes in our collection that can help you narrow down your urn choices.

   Our Embrace Collection exemplifies beauty and personalization to offer truly stunning urns. We've reinvented the way people view urns, with options for every person and lifestyle. Let's take a look at urns that our customers chose for their loved ones. 


   Our pets are part of the family, and we wish to honor them the same way we honor our human loved ones. The Embrace Pets collection features pet-specific designs, including paw prints and hearts. Choose from a variety of sizes and colors to hold your pet’s ashes close to your heart.

Families Sharing Their Love for the Embrace Collection 


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