11 Meaningful Condolence Gifts for Grieving Loved Ones

by Taylor Evans July 01, 2022 5 min read

When a loved one loses someone near and dear to their heart, there are no words or gestures that can take away their pain or grief. However, sending a condolence gift is a way to show your support, love and sympathy during this difficult time. While it most certainly cannot make up for the loss, a sympathy gift can provide comfort to those who are grieving.

If you’re struggling to find the right gift, here are 11 meaningful ideas.

11 Meaningful Condolence Gifts for Grieving Loved Ones

1. Flowers and a Thoughtful Card

Flowers are a traditional sympathy gift, and they are a thoughtful way to send your condolences.

Traditional flower choices include:

  • Lilies
  • Carnations
  • Roses
  • Orchids
  • Hyacinths

Including a handwritten card allows you to express your sympathy and let the family know that you are there to provide support and help whenever they need it. Thoughtful and personal messages can go a long way in providing comfort to grieving families who may be feeling a whirlwind of emotions.

2. Comfort Food

Grief can be paralyzing. In addition to grieving the loss of their loved one, families have to go through the difficult and lengthy process of making funeral arrangements. Finding the time and energy to prepare meals can be challenging.

Food is not only a necessity, but can also offer comfort during these difficult times. Providing the family with home-cooked meals or sending a sympathy food basket is a thoughtful way to show you care and provide support.

3. A Tree to Plant

Trees are a symbol of life and growth, which makes them a fitting condolence gift for grieving loved ones. Planting the tree can be therapeutic for the family and a beautiful way to remember the lost loved one.

As the tree grows and thrives, the memory of the individual will live on, and the tree itself will become a memorial. Oak, magnolia, Japanese maple and pine trees are all great options to gift as memorial trees.

If outdoor space is an issue, consider gifting potted trees that can be placed on a balcony or patio. Dwarf varieties of trees are often a good option for this purpose.

4. Cremation Jewelry

Memorial gifts are always a thoughtful choice. If the loved one is being cremated, gifting ashes jewelry is a beautiful gesture.

Cremation jewelry is specially designed to hold some of the deceased’s ashes, allowing the recipient to carry their lost loved one with them always.

There are many design options for cremation jewelry, from hearts to butterflies, angel wings and more. Choose a design that has meaning to the family or relates to the deceased’s interests.

5. A Care Package

After the loss of a loved one, families can feel overwhelmed. Day-to-day tasks may be put on the backburner, and family members may have difficulty taking time to care for themselves.

Gifting a care package can help encourage grieving family members to indulge in a little self-care. You can purchase sympathy care packages online, or you can build your own.

Care packages can include:

  • Snacks or baked goods
  • Tea or coffee and a mug
  • A warm, cozy blanket
  • A book
  • A memorial candle
  • A heartfelt note
  • Flowers or a potted plant

You can also include items that are personal or relevant to the individual who has passed away.

6. An Experience

Grieving family members often become consumed with their loss, and it can be difficult to climb out of that dark place. Giving the gift of an experience, such as going out for dinner or a movie, can help grieving loved ones take their minds off of the loss – even if only for a little while.

If an in-person experience is not an option, consider gifting a virtual or online experience. You can purchase virtual experiences through websites like Airbnb and even Amazon.

7. Biodegradable Urns

If you are close to those who are grieving, cremation urns may be a thoughtful gift. Although the cost of a cremation funeral is typically lower than a burial, it is still a financial burden on many families.

Offering to purchase urns for human ashes or biodegradable urns for ashes is a thoughtful gesture that can help the family put their loved one to rest without stress.

Because this can be a sensitive or delicate matter, gifting wooden urns for ashes or any other type of urn should be done with care. Talk to the family first to ensure they feel comfortable with the gift and allow them to choose the urn for their loved one.

8. A Comforting Book

When we lose someone close to us, it can feel like we are the only ones in the world who have experienced loss. While on a rational level we know that’s not true, it can feel like a lonely and isolating experience.

Gifting a comforting book about grief and loss can help grieving families feel like they’re not alone in their journey. Sometimes, reading another person’s story and their experiences and emotions can be a great source of comfort.

9. A Keepsake Box

It’s important to keep our lost loved ones close at heart, and a keepsake box is a thoughtful way to do that. A personalized box can feature:

  • A photo, the person’s name and a meaningful quote
  • The person’s name and date of their passing
  • An inspirational photo
  • An engraving or photo that is relevant to the person
  • A Keepsake Cremation Urn

If you’re looking for a safe and thoughtful condolence gift, a personalized keepsake box is a wonderful option.

10. A Memorial Frame

A personalized memorial frame is a beautiful way to honor and remember the person who has passed on. This is a gift that your grieving loved ones will cherish and appreciate for years to come, and it can be displayed in their home.

Choose a photo that will bring back fond memories. Frames with inspiring quotes or poems can really make this gift special.

11. A Memory Journal

Everyone moves through the stages of grief in different ways. Recalling memories and the joy and laughter shared with the person who has passed on can be therapeutic and help with healing.

A memory journal can help with this process. These journals are filled with writing prompts that the family can fill in with memories and experiences they shared. It’s a beautiful gift that the grieving loved ones will treasure.

Final Thoughts

When loved ones are grieving a loss, a condolence gift is a thoughtful way to share your love and support. Use these ideas as inspiration to help your loved ones through the difficult journey of healing from their loss.

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