5 Reasons the Tree of Life Provides Comfort and Healing for Celebrating Our Loved One’s Memory

Why does the Tree of Life help generation after generation feel comfort and healing?

The Tree of Life is a symbol that you’ll often find in paintings, jewelry and even urns for human ashes. Debates on the origin of the symbol are still ongoing. Many attribute the concept to Ireland, but there has also been this idea of a sacred tree seen in:

  • Central Asia
  • Scandinavia
  • Iran
  • China
  • Greek mythology
  • So many more cultures

While the names of these trees may change over time, they are often associated with connecting heaven and the underworld – and knowledge.

If you see custom urns for ashes or cremation jewelry bracelets with this tree on them, you may be wondering: why? People find immense comfort and healing from the Tree of Life. The meanings and symbolism are powerful.

Green adult tree of life cremation urn for human ashes

5 Reasons the Tree of Life Provides Comfort and Healing

1.     Rich ancestorial history

Woman reflecting and reviewing tree of life wall urns

Death is a time to reconnect with our ancestors. Whether a person believes that they’ll go to heaven or celebrate together in a Viking dining hall, one thing is for sure: our ancestors will be there.

The Tree of Life on adult urns connects with many different cultures and beliefs.

For example, in Irish history, the Celtic knot on the tree is meant to symbolize bonding. The bonding connects multiple generations together and shows the continuation of life. When you view the tree, you’ll see its massive trunk and dozens of branches spreading out from it.

The branches can be a symbol of a lost loved one or even a certain family lineage.

Ancestry and the history of where a person comes from can be seen in the Tree of Life. We don’t know where life will take us or when we’ll be taken away from life, but we can be confident that all of us have a limited lifespan.

The Tree of Life’s rich ancestorial history allows those left behind to find comfort in knowing that their loved one is with their ancestors.

2.     Symbolizes oneness

Oneness is difficult to envision until you view the Tree of Life. The symbol of this massive tree with its thick trunk also means oneness, and many of the reasons from our first point also apply here.

For example, you can consider:

  • The trunk of the tree supporting all of the branches, much in the way an elder helps connect younger generations
  • Earth and the universe being connected from the roots of the tree to the branches in the sky

Losing someone close to you can feel very lonely and isolating. If the person is your child or perhaps a spouse, this feeling can be even more intense. However, when you view custom urns with the Tree of Life on them, it can make you feel as one with your loved one again.

Everyone sees something different in the symbolism of this great tree, but you can change your perspective and how you look at it.

3. Creation/Rebirth/Renewal

Across generations and cultures, we find that the Tree of Life means creation. Every breath a person takes is thanks to trees and their ability to provide us with oxygen. When you think of it, without trees, we would not be alive.

However, if you look at the Celtic or Mayan myths, you’ll also see that the tree:

  • Is seen as the center of the universe and existence
  • Symbolizes the gateway between the psychical and spiritual realm
  • Is viewed as a gateway for the soul

For many ancient civilizations, the Tree of Life is the birthplace of everything in existence. In Ancient Egypt, the Tree of Life is thought to have housed a goddess who was responsible for birthing the rest of the world’s deities.

Ingonghulu is a deeply rooted bird in Zulu mythology that is believed to have come from the Tree of Life. The eagle is said to have sounded the beginning of the world’s creation by flapping its wings.

Along with creation, we also see the symbol of rebirth.

Rebirth is the cycle of life and death. When someone passes on, some view this as dying, and others view it as a sense of rebirth. In many religions, the person either comes back to earth or they transition to heaven – or a similar equivalent.

In many cases, the Tree of Life symbolizes immortality.

Finally, the Tree of Life can also be seen as a form of renewal. The tree starts at its roots and extends to the sky. Renewal can be seen as the tree growing, its branches expanding and every branch (a generation) connecting oneness together in the end.

3.     Connection (family, earth, spiritual)

Man meditating in forest amongst tree of life cremation urns

Connection is seen with the entangled roots and branches of the tree. We already know that oneness can be seen in the symbol with its branches and roots. However, if you look deeper, you’ll find that the Tree of Life connects everything:

  • Family: Every branch depicts a connection with a family member or generation. The person is reconnected with their family, some of whom they never met in life but have been able to meet in the afterlife.
  • Earth: Roots embedded in the earth are powerful. The rain waters the roots, the sun helps the tree grow, the nutrients feed the tree and this beautiful cycle occurs in harmony. Connection to the earth is a beautiful thing, but the Tree of Life goes a step further.
  • Spiritual: Branches reaching into the heavens and roots going to the underworld both show that there is a deep spiritual connection with the Tree of Life. For many, the tree even acts as a gateway between heaven and earth. All of these elements are spiritual in nature.

Connection remains one of the most powerful symbolisms of the Tree of Life, but there’s one more thing the tree depicts: celebration.

5. Celebration of life (growth, seed)

Growth and seeding are a celebration of life. Seeds from the tree spread, repopulate, and help the world around us grow. Trees are the ultimate form of life and the celebration that it deserves.

The Tree of Life on jewelry and urns can help you celebrate the beautiful life that your lost loved one enjoyed.

In Celtic mythology, the tree is also a symbol of wisdom, which our loved ones likely shared with us throughout their lives.

Our Tree of Life Urns and Jewelry

The Tree of Life symbol crosses generations and cultures. It’s the ideal symbol for cremation urns and jewelry that celebrate the lives of the loved ones we’ve lost. Many of our urns and cremation jewelry pieces incorporate this symbol into their designs.

Our Tree of Life pieces include:

Tree of Life Two Tone Sterling Silver Cremation Pendant

Cremation necklaces are a beautiful way to honor and memorialize a lost loved one.

Our Tree of Life Two Tone pendant features alternating leaves of gold and silver amidst an emerald green background.

Made from 925 sterling silver, this pendant holds just a pinch of ashes, allowing you to keep your loved one close to your heart. The pendant features a Rhodium Plating coating to make the piece resistant to discoloration and corrosion.

While this pendant is designed for holding ashes, you could add a lock of hair or dried flowers instead.

The symbolism and history of the Tree of Life make it the perfect design for cremation jewelry.

Bead Tree of Life Cremation Bracelet Bead


LoveUrns Tree of Life Cremation Bead displayed on 925 sterling silver bracelet

If you’re looking for a subtler option for cremation jewelry, our cremation bracelet bead is a great option. To ensure longevity and to protect its contents, this bead is made from 925 sterling silver with Rhodium Plating for discoloration and corrosion resistance.

Like its necklace counterpart, this bracelet bead features a beautiful Tree of Life with gold and silver leaves. The green enamel background symbolizes life anew.

The bead holds just a pinch of ashes and fits nicely on a bracelet of your choosing.

Tree of Life Cultured Marble Urn

Cultured marble is an elegant option for urns for adult ashes. Our collection of engraved urns includes a beautiful Tree of Life design on a hand-sculpted cultured marble container.

The engravable brass plate can be customized to include your loved one’s name and a beautiful message.

Our cultured marble urns have an opening at the bottom to make it easy to add your loved one’s ashes.

Adult Pearl Green Tree of Life Urn

For a more traditional metal urn, look no further than our Embrace collection of personalized urns. Our pearl green option is the perfect complement to the Tree of Life engraving, which features detailed leaves, branches, and roots.

This Embrace urn is made from aluminum and can be custom engraved to create a beautiful tribute to your loved one. Choose from adult, medium, keepsake and tealight options.

Remembering Your Loved One with Tree of Life Symbolism

Losing a loved one is difficult, but the Tree of Life brings comfort in knowing that we are all connected, and that life will continue. Incorporating this symbol into urns and cremation jewelry will serve as reminders of the bonds we have with family and the beautiful lives they led.


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