Cat Urn: An Ideal Memorial for Your Kitten

by Taylor Evans August 05, 2022 4 min read

Cats become part of the family. Some are affectionate and will rub up on you when you walk through the door, while others simply know when you have a bad day and will lay on your lap.

Losing a cat is difficult for all pet owners.

However, the loss doesn’t mean that you’ll forget your beloved pet. You can still keep your cat around in many ways, whether it be through a pet ashes necklace or a beautiful cremation urn for your kitty.

Coping with the Loss is a Process

Loss impacts everyone differently. Some owners will go right out and adopt another pet because it may help soften the loss – somewhat. However, others can go through emotional processes and suffer from:

  • Loss of appetite
  • Dry mouth
  • Fatigue
  • Stomach aches

Grief hits everyone differently, and if your animal isn’t around to provide the comfort they normally once did, it can be a real emotional rollercoaster.

If you're dealing with the loss of your kitten and want a way to always remember them, consider:

Cat Cremation Urns

Cat urns are a great way to remember your kitten. Urns come in all shapes and sizes, but they always hold the remains of your pet in a container that you can make a focal point of your space.

Just like human urns, you’ll find cat urns that can confidently be placed on:

  • Living room mantles, where you’ll be able to view the urn at any time. The living room is a good area to place the urn because it’s the room where people often sit back and relax.
  • Your cat’s favorite window or space, so each time you walk past the place that your cat loved the most, you can smile.
  • When the urn is on your dresser or nightstand, you can always turn over and say “goodnight” to your furry friend.

Urns are beautiful and can help ease your pain. With the options that we have available today, it’s easy to customize the urn for our customers. We can even use laser engraving to engrave your pet’s name or a beautiful quote from you on the urn.

Cat Cremation Jewelry for Ashes

From pendants to bracelets and other jewelry options, you can keep your pet close to you with a beautiful, stylish piece of jewelry. For example, many of our customers will choose a pendant that they can wear around their necks with a little bit of their kitten’s ashes inside.

Small compartments in the jewelry allow you to fill the piece with ashes.

The best part? No one will see this compartment, so you won’t need to explain what it is to your friends or loved ones. Since the space is small, you’ll use only a very small amount of ashes to fill the chamber.

We also provide a filling kit to make the filling easier.

Since the jewelry can only hold very small amounts of ashes, you may still want to consider an urn to keep the rest of your pet’s remains nearby. If an urn isn’t something you’re considering, you can still opt to:

  • Scatter the ashes outside or in a place that your kitten loved
  • Bury the ashes near the cat’s favorite location
  • Place the ashes in your garden

We offer a wide selection of urns and cremation jewelry that we’re sure you’ll love.

Pet Cremation Urns and Cat Cremation Jewelry

While there’s nothing you can do to bring your pet back, you can always remember and honor them with either cat urns for ashes or pet cremation jewelry. Our top-selling options that may interest you include:

  • Cat™ Pearl Sterling Silver Cremation Pendant is one of the most popular items in our collection. The pendant has a screw on the back that allows you to open it and store some of your pet’s ashes inside. The silver snake chain is 20” long and comes with a filling and care kit. The pendant itself has a beautiful pearl in the middle and is designed to look like a face with cat ears.
  • Princess Cat™ Bronze with Topaz Swarovski Crystal Sterling Silver Cremation Pendant (also offered in black and pink) is designed to resemble a cat, sitting up with a beautiful collar with a Swarovski crystal in the middle. You’ll also receive the 20” necklace and a filling kit.
  • Paw™ Sterling Silver Cremation Pendant allows you to put a pinch of ashes into the pendant, and it is shaped like a cat paw. The pendant comes with the same necklace and a filling kit like the other options above.
  • Large Embrace Pearl Light Blue Heart Paws Pet Cremation Urn (offered in over a dozen colors) is a beautiful option with an aluminum body, 200 cu. inches of space and a screw-on lid. Ideal for adult cats, we’ll even laser engrave the urn with your cat’s name or a sweet saying of your choosing.
  • Princess Cat™ Bronze Pet Cremation Urn comes in multiple color options and is an urn shaped to look just like a cat. The urn is the perfect choice to place in the house as décor and is threaded from the bottom for easy filling.
  • The Rainbow Bridge™ Large Pet Cremation Urn is a favorite of pet owners that are suffering from the grief and sadness of their pet crossing over the rainbow bridge. This beautiful urn holds the ashes in a full rainbow design and can be engraved with your pet’s name, too.

When you order from us, we provide fast shipping, laser engraving and products that are handmade by artisans. Urns come in a beautiful velvet bag, and we’ll do everything that we can to ensure that your urn or jewelry is 100% perfect.

Saying goodbye to a beloved cat is difficult at any age. Animals become like family, and while your pet may wait on the rainbow bridge for you, you can keep their memory alive with pet ashes jewelry or an urn that can become the centerpiece of any room.

View our entire selection of cat cremation urns and jewelry for more great products.

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