How to arrange a Cremation Service?

by Alex Johnson September 28, 2018 4 min read

 Cremation Service


Giving your loved one a dignified and respectful send-off is a good way to remember and celebrate their life. It is possible that your loved one has requested a cremation, an increasingly popular choice for those passing on. Cremation is also a popular service for pets, allowing owners to memorialize their furry friends and keep their memory close to home. Considering this is a very difficult and emotional time for all involved, it is best for everybody to find a cremation service that works and avoid frustrations or roadblocks. To help make this challenging process as easy as possible, here is a guide for how to arrange a cremation service, quickly and easily.

Find a Vendor

There are essentially two cremation options. You can either work with a funeral home or directly with a crematorium. Depending on your situation, there are pros and cons to either option.

Funeral homes are very professional and capable of arranging just about every detail of your funeral arrangements. This is a more integrated route, as you are likely working with them anyway for other aspects of the funeral service. On the other hand, because they are serving as a middle-man for cremation, it will cost more money. Most funeral homes will, however, have multiple pricing options and you may find one that works with your budget. If money is no issue at all, working with a funeral home is probably the easiest route to go.

Alternatively, you can always directly work with a crematorium for these needs. This is generally appropriate if you do not plan to hold a memorial service through a funeral home for your loved one. Direct cremation is generally less expensive.

Pick a funeral or memorial service

There is actually a difference between these two services, though the terms are often used interchangeably. In a funeral, the body or cremated remains are laid to the ground or vault. A short service is then held at the grave site. A memorial service generally involves an indoor gathering to memorialize the deceased and pay respects. You'll want to figure out which option you prefer and arrange to gather family and friends for the event.

Apply for the medical or death certificate

If the departed is a friend or family member, you'll want to apply for a medical or death certificate as part of this process. You are required to produce a copy of this certificate to several institutions as part of the entire process. You'll have to reference your local laws and government statutes for how to acquire this, as it differs with jurisdiction.


Arrange for Transportation of the remains.

The service providers will transport the body to the crematorium and to the grave site for a fee. It is better to rely on the professional service providers rather than getting transport on your own. If you are travelling to scatter your loved one’s ashes at their favorite spot or other meaningful location, be sure to ensure the urn is packaged tightly closed and with adequate padding. If travelling by plane, check with your airlines and the TSA to ensure that your loved one’s remains are handled with the care and respect it is due.

Cremation Authorization by next of kin.

If you are the next of kin, you will be required to authorize the cremation officially by filling out relevant paperwork, depending on the laws in your jurisdiction. The crematorium will provide you with the paperwork, and you may be required to produce a death certificate for their records.

Selecting the cremation urn.

There are a number of options available for cremation urns, including a brass or metal urn, a wooden urn, or you can go with an eco-friendly urn that is biodegradable. Taking the time to select an urn will allow you to select a design suited to your loved one. It is a sentimental decision and should be pursued with care and respect.

You can buy adult urns, jewelry for ashes of pets, small pet urns and cremation jewelry if you take time to purchase the urn in advance. You can decide on the style, the jewelry and can consider where the urn will be kept or scattered, depending on your loved one’s wishes.

Our selection at is expansive. There are many different designs and options to remember your loved one and memorialize their personality. Our goal is to help you find the right choice for your loved one. If you are unsure how to get started, contact our caring customer service team for assistance.

Witnessing cremation

If you would prefer to witness the cremation, you can request the crematorium to allow you to. Inform them the number of witnesses in advance so that they can organize to accommodate the number.

Saying goodbye

Lastly, you must pick a burial method. In the case of cremation, you may choose to follow the wishes of your loved one by scattering the ashes in their favorite Earthly place, doing a ground or above ground burial or keeping the memorial urn at home.

These are the basic steps to arranging a cremation. This solemn task should be completed with care and grace. If you have any questions, please reach out to our caring family at Get Urns. We are here to help you to give your loved one the respectful sendoff they deserve.


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