Selecting The Perfect Pet Urn or Pet Cremation Jewelry for Different Types of Pets

What to Consider When Choosing Dog Cremation Urns

Dogs are man’s best friend, and they deserve a cremation urn that’s fitting of that title. When choosing an urn for your dog, consider the following:


Dogs come in all sizes, from teacup to giant breeds. It’s important to choose an urn that’s large enough to hold all of your pet’s ashes (if that’s your wish).

At GetUrns, we offer several size options for dog cremation urns.

  • Our Large Embrace pet cremation urn offers 200 cubic inches of internal space, which is enough to hold the ashes of a 200-lb. adult. A size such as this is appropriate for large dogs. Of course, you can still choose this size and style of urn for a smaller dog, but it’s not necessary.
  • Our LoveDrop pet cremation urn offers 60 cubic inches of space, which is more suitable for a smaller to medium sized

Medium, keepsake and tealight urns have much smaller capacities, making them ideal for holding a portion of your pet’s ashes or for very small dogs.

Choose an urn size that’s suitable for your dog’s size or your desired use of the ashes. For example, you may want to give family members tealight or keepsake urns and divide your pet’s ashes among them.


Along with size, you also want to consider the urn’s material. Pet cremation urns can be made from a variety of materials that suit your needs.

Our collection of pet urns, for example, includes:

  • Wooden memorial boxes. Our Heritage Cherry memorial box features a beautiful cherry wood color and wood grain pattern.
  • Brass- Our Bronze Cuddle urn is made from stunning brass material and is laser-engraved in gold with your pet’s name and message.

You can also find urns made from metal alloy and aluminum, ceramic porcelain, and that are biodegradable. The material is important because it will affect not only the look of the urn but its durability as well. 

Personalization and Style

Finally, you want to consider the style of the urn and your personalization options. Pet urns come in a variety of styles. You can choose a traditional urn, or you can find urns that are shaped like teardrops, hearts and more.

We offer a wide range of styles in our collection of pet urns, including:

Our urns can be personalized with your pet’s name or a message. Some urns have more text lines than others, so consider whether you want to add a longer message or saying to your urn.

Having a wide selection of styles and personalization options will allow you to find the perfect urn that celebrates your pet’s personality.

How to Choose Pet Cremation Jewelry for Dogs

Many pet owners are also choosing cremation jewelry as a way to memorialize their pets. These special pieces of jewelry hold just a pinch of your dog’s ashes, allowing you to carry them close to your heart always.

Finding the right cremation jewelry for your dog is not unlike the process of choosing an urn.

There are several things to consider, including:

  • Style: You can find jewelry pieces with heart or circular pendant designs, but you can also find options with paw prints, dog bones, dog faces and more. The right option for you will depend on whether or not you want your jewelry to be subtle. Larger pendants may also hold more ashes.
  • Material: Pet cremation jewelry can be made from a variety of materials, including sterling silver, titanium, white bronze, gold vermeil and more. Some materials are longer-lasting than others, but also consider whether you want silver or gold jewelry.

Weigh your options carefully when choosing your jewelry. Make sure that it’s a style you really love and a material that you won’t mind wearing.

Don’t forget to consider whether you want a necklace or a bracelet. We offer both options in our pet cremation jewelry collection.

What to Consider When Choosing Cat Cremation Urns

Choosing cat cremation urns is very similar to how we recommend that you choose dog cremation urns in the prior section. You'll want to consider the following when making your selection:

  • Style: Can you place your pet cremation urn on your mantle or on a side table without it looking out of place? Our Custom Engraved Heritage Cherry Heart Paws Small Pet Cremation Urn is a stunning option because it offers an upscale, cherry exterior that looks good on a mantle, in a library and virtually anywhere else.
  • Customization Options: Can you personalize the urn with your cat’s name and a saying? For many pet parents, it’s important to have the option to customize their urn so that everyone who sees the urn knows the special connection that they had with their animal.
  • Generic or Cat-specific Urns: You’ll find a wide variety of cat cremation urns in our catalog that are either generic or cat-specific. For example, we have some urns that are designed to look like cats, and this is a prominent urn that everyone will know contains your cat’s ashes. However, we do have a few that are more traditional or designed for any type of pet.

Pet cremation urns are as beautiful, durable, and affordable as their human counterpart options. You'll find plenty of options to choose from that will match your style and customization needs.

With that said, the choice is 100% your own.

When it comes to memorializing your cat, it’s a personal choice that has a lot to consider. You'll also find some options with matching pet jewelry that allow you to:

  • Place most of your cat’s ashes in the urn
  • Put a small pinch of ashes into a piece of jewelry that you can wear.

Don't know how to choose a pet ashes necklace? Don’t worry. Our experts have a lot of recommendations that will make it easier for you to make your choice.

How to Choose Pet Ashes Necklace for Cats

In many cultures, cats are considered mystical creatures and are worshipped for their companionship and cunning instincts. Most cat owners can attest that cats are feisty, mischievous, and loving. For many of us, our cat’s personality makes it seem like they only like us. The affection you had for your cat can be shown long after their passing with the help of pet cremation jewelry.

A pet ashes necklace or bracelet will allow you to always carry a piece of your cat with you. Choosing the right necklace is a difficult choice, but consider the following:

  • Cat pendants: If you don’t mind telling the world that you’re holding a piece of your cat’s ashes with you, consider one of the silver cremation pendants that we sell. You can find options here and here.
  • Pawprints: Cute, small pawprints are a little less prominent than a cat pendant and have the “cute” factor that many people want from their jewelry. You can find options here and here.
  • Cute necklaces: You’ll find a variety of other cute necklace options, such as , that you can wear on your necklace. However, this may not be the best option for every pet owner.

If you want your pet’s ashes to be a bit more discreet or simply don’t like the style of some of these pendants, you also have the option of a non-pet ashes necklace. You'll find plenty of options in our selection, such as:

  • Urn pendant: A beautiful sterling silver urn pendant is a great option for anyone who wants a gender-neutral piece of jewelry. Men and women will be confident when wearing these pendants and can keep their animal’s ashes close to them.
  • Cylinder pendant: Another pendant option is our cylinder pendant, which comes in both brass and silver. While these options are not designed for pets, they can still hold the cat’s ashes and will look more like a normal piece of jewelry that you wear.
  • Ring pendant: Another discrete option is our Eternity Pendant for a more simplified look. This pendant comes in sterling silver, gold vermeil, and 14k white or yellow gold. As the name suggests, this pendant will keep your cat’s ashes close to your heart for eternity.

While our animal pendants are spectacular, they may not go with every outfit or person’s style. Find a pendant that you can fill with your cat’s ashes and wear on any occasion.

We recommend you choose pet jewelry that:

  • You can see yourself wearing often.
  • Memorializes your feline friend.

Dogs, cats, and any pet are quickly becoming “family.” Pets are being left in wills, brought out on the town often and have become such an integral part of people’s lives that many cities have water bowls outside for pets to drink from and have become more pet friendly within their establishments.

Saying goodbye to a close companion is an emotional rollercoaster, but you can commemorate your animal with the latest pet cremation urns and pet cremation jewelry.

A final “goodbye” to a companion that crosses the rainbow bridge can be an emotional rollercoaster, but you can commemorate your animal with a nice sendoff and this is possible with our collection of pet cremation urns and jewelry.

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