The Advantages of Buying a Cremation Urn Online

by Kristal Borjas April 16, 2021 6 min read


After losing a loved one, the process of selecting a cremation urn is one of the most important parts of saying farewell to someone who has passed away.

As important as this decision is, it can also be emotionally overwhelming, mentally draining, and time-consuming as a task. As such, there are many reasons why it is beneficial to take on the process of selecting a cremation urn online. Whether you want privacy and don’t want to be interrupted by employees intruding on your space, or you’re looking for an affordable way to keep the funeral budget in check, or you’re a visual person who needs to see what each possible cremation urn looks like, shopping online is often the best approach.


Shop with Comfort, Ease, and the Privacy of Home

Picking a cremation urn tends to be a private family matter. It can be overwhelming when you’re rushed and stressed and difficult to discuss in front of strangers in a funeral home who don’t know you and your family that well.

When you are able to shop for a cremation urn online, you have the privacy and comfort of doing it from your own home. There’s no intrusive nature of salesmen or funeral home employees trying to help. You won’t feel rushed or like you need to rush your choice. Shopping for a cremation urn for ashes from home means you can take your time in making a meaningful decision. You can also choose the right time of day to pull family members aside and sort through available options online.

It is also generally easier to shop for an urn online. You are able to view more options and select various colors and designs. You can even get a look at what an engraving would look like on some of the cremation urns. Our urns here at GetUrns  are organized by material, size, shape, style, and more, which makes it more convenient to sift through what you do and do not want. If you want to select a certain shape or style or sort through the different urns by what material they are made from, you can easily do it online.

There is also a greater opportunity to involve multiple family members in the process as you are able to share links and images of various potential cremation urns so this becomes a family decision. Home is where many of us find comfort and reprieve, which is a better environment for picking the right urn for a loved one.


More Variety, More Personalization

When you shop online for a cremation urn, you have a much wider selection to choose from. Most funeral homes will only carry the more popular cremation urns, or one’s that are more common and typical in style and variety. When you shop online, there is a great abundance of urns to sort through since the online store isn’t limited when it comes to how much inventory they can carry. Shopping at a funeral home means if they don’t carry it in-store, you don’t get to view it.

Some cremation urns have smaller matching urns as well. This allows you to bundle up your cremation urn purchase with additional mementos, like tealights, cremation jewelry, or even miniature urns that match your traditional sized urn. These can be a meaningful way to help share the cremated ashes among family members in the event that there are multiple people who want to keep the deceased close. 

There is also a greater variety with the ability to personalize those cremation urns. While a funeral home will often be equally willing to have a cremation urn engraved, when you shop online, it allows you to actually see what the engraving would look like or read as on the cremation urn itself. You can further personalize them by selecting different colors or even some details of the cremation urn, since, again, the online shop has all inventory while funeral homes only carry select pieces in the store.

The personalization allows you to make the urn more memorable and special to your family. It allows you to remember a loved one for the little details, like their favorite color or quote. It helps make the process more personal and emotional. 


Better Affordability

The costs and expenses of dealing with a loss can be tremendous. From funeral plots to the cremation process itself to even hosting a memorial service, most families spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars handling the entire thing. So, anywhere that money can be saved can be a huge help.

When you buy the cremation urns online, they’re often at better prices than you would find in funeral homes. The funeral home facilities will often add a fee to the overall purchase for carrying inventory since they’re acting as middle-man for the purchase. With online shopping, you’ll get the direct prices themselves and can compare different urns by their prices as well. You might also face fees if you are buying a holistic package through a funeral home, which might charge more for various services included in your entire memorial process.

Additionally, GetUrns is actually the first online funerary retailer that offers Klarna as a payment plan to help alleviate the burden of paying for a cremation urn entirely upfront. Using Klarna, you can pay for the cremation urn over time without spending unnecessary fees or having to gain interest on your credit card. This gives more families flexibility with picking an urn, especially one that they can afford and pay over time. You should be able to pick the perfect urn for you and your family, and having the ability to do it through multiple payments is the perfect solution.


Help and Support When You Need It 

There’s no denying that when you’re shopping for a cremation urn in a funeral home, the employees want to be helpful and supportive. However, every family is going to have different wants and needs and different levels of comfortability when it comes to allowing someone to help them. It can feel like an invasion of privacy or even an invasion of a personal moment. Sometimes you want help, but only when you want it and in the way you want it.

This is another reason why online shopping for a cremation urn is the better approach. When you shop online, GetUrns offers a “Chat with us” feature that allows you to instantly connect with one of our trained representatives who can help give you guidance and direction or answer important questions about various cremation urns. We offer the sensitivity and comfort that comes with dealing with death and loss but are knowledgeable and informative. Many people find it easier to get help on such a personal matter through the online chat feature rather than in person with a stranger in a funeral home. You have the ability to seek out help when it’s right, not be invaded by someone wanting to help at an inappropriate time.

In addition to chatting with us online when you need help, there is also the added convenience of having a website as a resource. Most companies will post essential information to potential customers, like how to pick the right size or commonly asked questions when it comes to buying. With a fully developed website, all the resources you might need are in one convenient location. You don’t have to reach out for awkward or uncomfortable questions when the information is available to you online. 

The flexibility is a huge bonus. You have the opportunity to find the information online yourself, chat through a messaging system if you’re not comfortable doing it in person, or you can call and talk to a person who is familiar with the process and understands the challenging situation you may be in. Regardless of which approach works for you, simply knowing that you have these various options can bring peace of mind when it comes to shopping for a cremation urn online.


Find the Perfect Cremation Urn Online

Finding the perfect cremation urn for a loved one may be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be stressful or overwhelming. By shopping online, you’re given the opportunity to have total privacy as you work through an emotional moment, while still having access to people and resources when you need them.

You can take your time but still figure out what’s right for you and your family. You can save money, and you have the option to finance an urn for ashes if you need to. Overall, the flexibility that comes with shopping for a cremation urn online brings significant advantages, making an overall challenging time just that much easier for you and your family. 

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