Cloisonne Urns

As long as the practice of cremation has been around, there have been vessels to hold ashes. These vessels are crafted to hold the remains of the deceased while memorializing them. Each type of urn is crafted to serve a specific purpose: to keep your loved ones remains secure. One of these vessels is known as cloisonné urns. Here are the history and the process of cloisonné urns.

Cloisonné urns are primarily known for their beautifully artistic design. They typically include meticulous patterns with rich colors. The colors are all partitioned with a metal wire that is left visible on the surface, which gives the cloisonné urns' signature appearance. While the process stays the same, the colors and designs of the metal wire are limitless. Cloisonné urns are traditionally in a vase shape. This allows loved ones to place flowers inside the urn to create a final resting place that perfectly fit your departed loved one.

One of the drawing factors of cloisonné urns is that they use both delicate and tough materials. Cloisonné urns utilize porcelain as a base material with a metal wire to encase and protect it. This allows people to enjoy the beautiful look of porcelain without having to risk the safety of the precious ashes inside. When properly cared for, cloisonné urns can last for generations to come.

Cloisonné urns are a combination of flexible porcelain and durable metal that creates a beautiful and lasting final resting place. The process of creating a cloisonné urn begins with sculpting a sculpture out of sturdy metal, which allows for wire to be shaped and formed into any design. The partitions created by the wire are then filled with a ceramic enamel. The urn is then placed into a kiln until it hardens and strengthens. After the enamel sets, the pieces are removed and sanded to reveal a beautiful and intricate design. Each stage of this process requires excellent artisan skills to create this timeless piece.

Cloisonné urns allow you to give your loved ones a final resting place that is timeless, elegant, but more importantly, durable. They combine the sturdiness of metal with the delicate designs of porcelain to produce a unique vase-shaped urn that will last for decades. At Get Urns, we provide unique and beautiful cloisonné urns. To browse our selection or to ask any question visit our site today.
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