Adult Devotion Hummingbird Cultured Marble Urns for Ashes

Size Guide
  • The Devotion Cultured Marble urn is a strong and traditional urn which serves as a sturdy final resting place for your lost loved one. Available in various colors, the Devotion suits every personality and taste.

    Made of cast polymer resin, the Devotion is strong and durable, able to withstand general wear and tear with minor damage. The Devotion box is lined with a secure polypropylene interior which helps protect the cremated remains encased within.

    Tried and tested, the Devotion is certified for direct ground burial without the need for a burial vault. However, if you make plans to bury the urn only to unearth it a later date, a vault will ensure its condition and keep it looking as beautiful as ever.

    The Devotion has the capacity to be fully personalized, making these totally unique places to lay your loved one to rest.  The engravable brass plate included with these boxes are great for adding a touch of personality to the Devotion urns. Superior laser engraving technology on the brass plate ensures crisp and detailed designs to celebrate your loved one’s life, hobbies, interests, and character.

    *Please note - engraved plaque ships separately