Cremation Urns


We carry a vast portfolio of cremation products to cater to different needs of different families. Most of the families choose to store ashes of the loved one in beautiful cremation container called an Urn. The urn can then be placed in a columbarium, mausoleum, urn vaults or if it is a biodegradable container, it can be dispersed into the sea or buried in the ground. Majority of the families choose to put the cremation urn for ashes in their homes to remind them of the loved one who passed away. Families also like to choose a cremation urn based on the theme, color, shape and design of the urn that memorializes their loved one.

The widest range of adult cremation urns and accessories

We have created a user-friendly website with high resolution pictures and detailed descriptions of all our ash urns to help our customers make an informed decision. We have also grouped together all our cremation urns for ashes into simple yet intelligent categories to help our customers navigate the website easily. With our navigation bar, customers can easily sort the products based on Category, Color, Theme, Size and Price and hence be able to view products from their desired categories. You will find an elaborate collection of metal cremation urns for ashes, marble memorial urns for ashes, cloisonné memorial urns for ashes, wood cremation urns for ashes, cremation jewelry for ashes, scattering memorial urns for ashes, biodegradable urns for ashes, pet cremation urns, cremation related accessories and memorial gifts.

It is very important that customers choose the correct size of cremation urn for ashes. The rule of thumb while deciding the size of a cremation urns you require is 1 Pound = 1Cubic Inch of Ashes. For example, if a person weighed 150 lbs. then the Cubic inches in ashes of that person would be 150Cu approximately. If they have any questions, specially regarding the size of an ash urn, so that we can help them selecting the correct size. One of our greatest responsibilities that we take very seriously is to provide our customers with high quality cremation urns for ashes.

Our High Quality Urns for Human Ashes are available in All Sizes

A family buys a cremation urn for human ashes to memorialize a loved one and hence it is very important that the ash urn meets very high-quality standards keeping in mind the emotions attached to it. Every cremation urn for sale is checked thoroughly for quality before it is shipped out to our customers to make sure they receive a flawless cremation product.

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